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I had my second letter published in the Dallas Morning News. They did a nice editing job. I could use that person full time. The letter was from an earlier post why DMN thinks drug users should feel bad.

An earlier letter to the editor (bong hits 4 jesus)was published at DMN without me realizing it.

Thanks to Jim for the heads up. Chek out his blog of great photos of Terrell, Texas.

IWTS in 08?
I have been contacted about running on the Libertarian Party ticket for a judicial office in Texas. I am very interested and would like to enter the race for a seat on the Court of Criminal Appeals. Not for political power or because I need a job. No Libertarian has ever been elected statewide in Texas and private practice is working out just fine. I want to use the opportunity to spread ideas and get more readers. I have not run for any office since being elected Secretary of the InterFraternity Council at UT-Arlington.
War on Terror rhetoric is being co opted by the DEA. The Nation’s Drug Czar called pot growers “violent criminal terrorists.”
“These people are armed; they’re dangerous,” John P. Walters said. If armed and dangerous is the new standard for terrorism then what are SWAT teams that conduct home invasion searches?
Dare Generation has a great rebuttal. I know Mr. Walters has a job to do but by using the “terrorist” label so often it takes away our focus from real terrorists.


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    Is this one yours?Court votes down liberty I enjoy reading your blog. I dont agree with everything, but thats probably because I dont understand it all.

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    This post has been removed by the author.

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    Oh, the other one was from Robert Guest, Ennis from the end of June. I wrote it in my blog as a new post then copied it over.

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    Jim,That was me. I didn’t even know they used it.Thanks for the heads up and the tip.RG

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    I hope you run for office if you are considering a judicial position. I will be happy to make a small contribution.I disagree with a lot of what you say, but I bet you are a good lawyer and would do the right thing from the bench

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    Racy,Thanks for the endorsement. I’ll send you a yard sign when the campaign gets going.

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