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I’ve just started Saying Yes, In Defense of Drug Use by Jacub Sullum. This is the book that made Bill O’Reilly throw a fit on Fox News (you tube has the video).

Thoughts from reading SY-
1. What is morally different between using alcohol and “illegal” drugs? The leading Prohibitionists (Bill Bennett etc) claim that drug use is morally wrong. Why? Because for some reason alcohol can be used responsibly where pot and other illegal drugs can not. Mr. Sullum does a good job deconstructing this idiotic dichotomy.

2. There is a large hidden populace of well adjusted illegal drug users. The book details studies regarding successful adults who use drugs. However, since drugs are illegal the public/media associate all drug use with addicts and criminals. Interesting fact- Progressive CEO Peter Lewis is/was a full time pot smoker, even at 66 when he was arrested in Austrlia. Hardly a lazy stoner.

3. This book also details religious attitudes towards intoxicants. Wine in the Bible is seens as a gift from God with many beneficial uses. The Bible easily distinguishes between the sin of drunkeness and the mirth received from wine. Prohibition, abstinence, and tee tottaling are directly opposed to the view of wine in Biblical times. I would include quotes to the Bible, just buy SY and read them yourself. It’s that good.

This is a great book. I’ve only read 1/3 and I already know this will have a permanent place on my IWTS inspiraton shelf. This book exposes our drug war on a different level. This book destroys many of the commonly held beliefs about the drug war with an ease that only comes from telling the truth.

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    I’ve been telling people for the last several years to read this book. You’re the only one who has, unfortunately.

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