Sarah Palin Smoked Legal Marijuana, Why Can’t You?

GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin is an ex marijuana consumer. Mrs. Palin smoked her pot in Alaska, which her campaign points out was legal in Alaska at the time. This is a curious defense as John McCain is an advocate for the federal arrest and prosecution of medical marijuana patients and providers who operate legally under California law.

Like any good politician Mrs. Palin she now claims she didn’t enjoy her marijuana, and that adults (besides her) should still be arrested, even though she wasn’t.

“‘I can’t claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled.'” The paper quoted Palin as saying she opposed legalization of marijuana because of the “message” that would be sent to her children.

The arrest of 800,000 adults a year for cannabis does send a message- about the perpetual ignorance of government. A better message for children is that one day they will be adults, and they will have adult decisions to make. Mrs. Palin’s marijuana stance seems to be typical political hypocrisy; convenient and intellectually dishonest.

Today, Alaska still has the country’s best marijuana laws. According to NORML an adult can posses up to one ounce of pot at home, with no penalty. Of course, the logic behind Alaska’s policy ends there as possession of over 4 ounces is a felony offense.

If legal marijuana is good enough for the GOP Vice Presidential candidate, why not for all Americans? After all, where would John McCain be if Mrs.Palin had been arrested and put through the drug court deferred probation nonsense so many other defendants face?

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62 responses to “Sarah Palin Smoked Legal Marijuana, Why Can’t You?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Typical case. She has confessed and should be charged. That or just let me and the rest of the world smoke as much pot as we like.

  2. keith says:

    how the hell can she be charged if it was legal in the state that she “confessed” to having done it in? if it is so important to you and you are that adamant about being allowed to smoke pot, then move to alaska…

  3. raj says:

    keith obviously doesn’t know much about state vs federal marijuana laws and the winding go-nowhere debate the situation has wrought in pot policy thus far. he still wanted to get those keyboard fingers some exercise, so he declared his ignorance on some blog comments. way to go keith.

  4. boy from oz says:

    calm down raj, go ride a bike. just because someone spends less time reading law books online for people that didnt get accepted in law than you. maybe you should answer his question instead of making him laugh at you

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. owlvee says:

    It’s your government. Can’t tax it so ya can’t have it.
    If ya help banks from bankruptcy, help my wallet out also…
    Federalize the Gas Stations…

  7. dave says:

    No, that’s ridiculous — you want to be able to smoke Marijuana, move to Alaska? How about a country where we have the same fair laws everywhere?

    I live in Georgia, the extreme opposite of Alaska (in weather and these laws) and if I drive through a school zone here with pot in my pocket it’s like 5 felony charges on top of each other. If I drive through a school zone in Alaska — nothing.

    Just seems pretty stupid that in the SAME COUNTRY those two completely different punishments should be handed out for the EXACT same thing.

  8. Zorn says:

    Lmao. Fascism, that’s all it is.

  9. Albion says:

    Way to go Raj!! We all wanted some moron telling us someone else was ignorant. Thanks!


    To believe that everyone should think and believe like you is immature and very Hitleresque. We all have different values in our life, sooner or later those values begin to clash. Right now we solve it by proving whose right and oppressing the values of whose wrong. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could move where the local values fit more like our own, while still remaining under the same system? That way, if you’re for marijuana, you won’t get upset when your neighbor sits on his front porch smoking a big fatty.

    Don’t forget, America is built on the idea of freedom, not the oppression of who is wrong.

  10. thegnu says:

    Jesus, people.
    @keith: the reason why this is important is that while it was legal according to STATE law, it was NOT legal according to FEDERAL law. And she is running for federal office. It’s a federal crime. The state just chooses not to prosecute. Get it?

    @raj: you should’ve at least answered his question, if you give a crap about this stuff.

    @Albion: Originally, federal law was supposed to preserve our freedoms. Even in Alaska, if the feds catch you, you go to prison. Also, intolerance of one of the safest “drugs” (not even a plant derivative, the plant itself) is ridiculous. Why not make drugs that KILL people illegal (like alcohol, xanax, etc)? It’s because lobbyists get paid to preserve the profits of these organizations.

  11. JarJar says:

    What? a VP who smoked marijuana? No Way! Well at least neither of our presidential candidates never smoked it in their past….
    For the record im defending palin, not our government. Legalize it!

  12. dj41326 says:

    The Gnu – Obama admitted in one of his books that he used marijuana and cocaine regularly when he was younger. Under some comment posters logic he should also be arrested. If we allow our government to strip us of our right to put what we want in our body then they will decide what they want in our body(RFID chips, chemicals). People are too caught up in the established political ideals and instead of breaking from the pact they follow the norm. Write in RON PAUL for president. Return the power to the people. Reinstate the Constitution.

  13. mike says:

    now im not a political person but i am a pot head. and i dont care who somked what and the goverment never botheres me and i live in NYC. the goverment is like god. you can get as envoled with it as your want but when it comes down to the fact its this ” just do you ” just dont do you in front of the blues.

  14. metacurious says:

    Ever hear of something called states’ rights? I believe it’s somewhere in the Constitution. I suggest you look it up.

  15. Steve says:

    Is the fact that she once smoked a joint really a significant issue that has anything at all to do with anything at all? Is this the best case against her that our Democratic leaders can come up?
    When will we start to here some details about how our black superhero is going to actually “change” anything. All I hear is generalities about changes that sound good- but we all know he can’t accomplish – and Ive been a registered Democrat for 40 years. Please talk about something relevant – the admission that Palin once inhaled marijuana smoke is not relevant to any issue of importance.

  16. mikefan says:

    Mike is a genius. We are lucky to have been alive at the same time as this brilliant fellow!

  17. Okin says:

    How the heck does doing the right thing, and giving people back their freedoms, free from the ignorant mistakes of the past, send the wrong message to kids?

    Alcohol is legal, tobacco is legal… And most kids eventually learn the right message about those. And BOTH of those are more harmful drugs.

    Legalize it… Live above the ignorance!

  18. Brennen says:

    First off, it should be either legalized or made to have restrictions just the same as alcohol. Marijuana users, cultivators are not violent like the government would like you to believe. Marijuana has many health benefits. Of course smoking is bad for you but smoking ANYTHING is not good for you. Stop being blind. Would you like it if your Wine and Beer was made illegal again? Those 2 do far more damage to the mind and body than Marijuana would ever do. The facts are proven scientifically.

  19. Zoyd says:

    I could not stop laughing. Nice post Raj. I agree with Steve. Mike for VP!

  20. tyler says:

    its not an issue that she smoked marijuana, it’s an issue that she smoked marijuana legally, and supports laws that would have her arrested for it

  21. Zoyd says:

    I could not stop laughing. Nice post Raj. I agree with Steve. Mike for VP!

  22. Zoyd says:

    I could not stop laughing. Nice post Raj. I agree with Steve. Mike for VP!

  23. tatoo49 says:

    Amazing on how we forget what it is we were discussing. Sarah Palin smoked pot. On the surface, “What’s the big deal”. But dig below that and the problem is that it was OK for her (just as it is OK that her daughter is pregnant), but not OK for the rest of us. Should she be sent packing because she smoked a joint? No. Should she be sent packing because she believes herself to be special and above the laws she demands for everyone else? Absolutely. Typical politician. Speaking out of both sides of her mouth but we should only follow what she says, never what she does.
    Do not attempt to discredit her, for as a good Democrat, each time Palin and McCain open their mouths, they kick themselves in the ass. No matter what we may say about our Republican candidates, one thing is for sure, they are their own worst enemies. Just hope the rest of the country is smart enough to notice their hypocrisy. Doubt it though. Don’t have much faith in the American Intelligence Factor. Face it we elected/gave the Presidency to GWBush TWICE. How smart is that?

  24. fitrick says:

    it’s unfortunate that someone who smoked legally, according to the state is now so opposed? why was she smoking pot? why was it prescribed to her?

  25. samantha says:

    i love smoking pot and i think that it is smart. I really do, i also love politics and stumbling on my computer finding hilarious websites like this that tickle my politically incorrect fancies. I’m a nineteen-year-old pothead voting for Barack Obama in november. I am a pothead college student in the city of chicago and i am proud of any politician who has puffed on any kind of reefer. Life might not be rolling but i know i am. And I do not want to blame anyone. Smoking pot has always been a part of society and society has always played a part to single out differences amongst people. Go on Sarah Palin, suck it up and be a part of that difference, make some Change and join up with Barack (knock on wood haha) because you know that gangsta puffs. thats why my generation loves him, thug life!

  26. Shirl says:

    I liked Palin there for a minute. I now see she is just another fucking hipocrite politian. It’s a plant, it’s time to set it free! FFS…

  27. Mark W. says:

    I dislike McCain and Palin very much, and if the day comes when they are elected is the day that I actually feel scared to live in America.

    Saying that, knowing that she smoked marijuana moves -3 to -2 on a scale of 1-10 on how much I like her.

  28. Robert Neighbors says:

    Right off the bat, first comment on this page above, by a Mr. / Ms. anonymous. Says, “She has confessed and should be charged”, yea right genius, tell us, what AL. state law did she break, that she should be charged with??? In your view, that is, i`d like too know? Someday we`ll all be free, but it`s not going too be today. Our gummint, wants to protect us, from ourselves.That`s what they`ll tell you. Only they know, what should go into our body`s. So far, they`ve said, it`s OK to use tobacco, (over 18) in any of it`s many forms,(smoke, chew, or snort) and it`s OK too, to drink alcohol, especially the store bought kind. The gummint, gets crossed eyed, and has hot flashes, if you try to make your own hard booze, up in the hills. You can make your own beer and wine, but again, only just so much per year, per household. As they don`t want to lose, but so much State / Federal tax money. Also, you can`t grow your own tobacco, even if you do own a farm way down South. You have to have a Federal permit, to do so. Their not going to sell you one either,. no matter how much money you might have. So forget it! Create 100,000 new jobs plus, and start collecting state, and federal taxes, to the tune of 3 – 5 billion dollars a year. That as of today, is slipping through the hands of the gummint, year after year and right into the hands of those who don`t pay any taxes at all, on their sales. Is the USA`s marijuana policy, towards it`s own adult citizens, (over 21) on the issue of marijuana consumption in their own homes, (not while driving their cars, or on the job) disfunctional ?? Hell Yes! Especially once a person takes the time to look back into the history, (our own USA history) that is behind the how & why, it was made illegal in the first place, last century. That`s what will really piss ya off. Big corporate money, along with racism towards Southwestern Mexicans, living in America, and of course organized religion. Their 2nd, after the gummint, in knowing what`s best for all of us adults, over 21, and heck, baby`s too. Just ask one, they`ll be happy to tell you all about how to live and think. As a 59 year old, who has been smoking pot for 40 years, and my doctor still tells me, I`am quite healthy for a man my age, (no crows feet around this boy`s eyes). What the gummint has told the Country,for years about pot, are lies, upon more lies. No wonder, so many people don`t respect the Pot laws in our Country. So don`t expect any real change in Federal law to be passed, no matter who gets elected come November. They`re all CS. Just go on and let a 10 to 15 billion dollar underground domestic industry stay that way, and don`t collect, or let a GD dime of that money, find it`s way into the US. Treasury`s, general fund. ie. Paying down the national debt, cause we need all the money we can get, right now, while at the same time keeping income tax % lower for the working middle class. Hey, it`s a good thing all around for half of this Country`s adult population. Either that or we can all be criminals t`ill the day we die. Live long & live free, I just want too be me.

  29. Mark. says:

    I’m from Canada and all I can say is GOOD LUCK, you should all be very wary of this woman becauase she is dangerous!
    She probably would not have admitted the pot thing if she wasn’t worried about it being dug up by the Democrats.Or the
    tabloids. You can tell everything she says has been scripted by someone else.

    Good luck folks………….

  30. zeet zeet says:

    This article has been stumbled upon.

  31. Hey nice blog you should be ob bloganese. Sarah is hot and I would love to smoke a phatty with her anytime.America is very hypocritical in every aspect of it’s laws.Land of the Free yeah right.The state of Texas which I have the misfortune of leaving in right now has the worse laws in fact I still have my license to drive suspended for having a dime bag of weed on me as I was walking down the street.When it’s time to make money they will change the law just like gambling etc.I can go out and get weed in 5 minutes.They need to just make it legal so I can go in the store and get a pack of good smokes.
    Weed never killed anyone and I never done anything BAD while high;)
    now alcohol…..

  32. Deborah, a genuine AMERICAN! says:

    You know, I’ve been watching a lot of news, reading a lot of blogs and comments, laughing (and crying some, too) but I’m really getting tired of a bunch of these “talkin out of both sides of your mouth” wishy-washy politicians who have no common sense, no sense of reality at all, and can’t see the trees for the forest…and YES, that’s the way I MEANT IT.

    I am a genuine American. No, I am not a full-blood NATIVE AMERICAN, but my people were HERE fighting for the freedoms we have taken for granted all these many generations… back before the American Revolution. Yes, I’m proud. I have more military veterans in my family than I could even believe when I started tracing my ancestry. These freedoms, fought and died for by our ancestors, our parents, brothers, now our children and grandchildren, I have watched slowly disintegrating. How about the right to choose our own type of medical care. Tried to get that expensive insurance to pay for herbal medicine lately? Or massage therapy? Chiropractic care? Relaxation Therapy? Check out the seat belt laws. I’m really gonna hurt someone else if I don’t wear one…I’ll just catapult through that windshield and crash into someone else and my poor ragged, probably dead body will be guilty of killing someone else. Excuse me…whose right is it to choose for me to wear a seat belt??? What about liability insurance? YES I know, we all need to be responsible for any damages we might cause in an accident. But to require insurance before you can get a driver’s license, title a car, or put tags on it is ridiculous, redundant, complicated, and near impossible. Check out MISSOURI’S state laws, though. Where’s the LEGAL freedom in that? Here’s a good one: Social Security Disability…2 middle aged disabled people each living on less than $700 per month, barely surviving. No extra income from anywhere. No savings, no family able to help. They meet, decide to get married. After the wedding, they are informed they are now going to lose just over $400.00 of their joint monthly income, where if they had just LIVED TOGETHER AS ROOM MATES they could have kept both incomes. The CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT LAWS…yeah, girls, I KNOW…they need to take care of their kids. I was a single Mom, too. But what good does it do ANYONE if they are in JAIL??? Can they work? If they can’t work, can they take care of ANYONE? If they lose their driver’s license, can they get back and forth to work? As Americans, Can we see that Ms. Palin’s “I smoked Pot but I didn’t enjoy it” is no more than different phraseology for “but I didn’t inhale” WHO CARES IF THEY SMOKED POT?????? The bottom line is she’s just another puppet on someone else’s string, being pulled into position because she’s a WOMAN, and from ALASKA! She has no experience, no skills to bring to the table, she’s a greenhorn if ever I saw one, and she’s already posturing us for war with RUSSIA when we haven’t even gotten out of the one we’re in NOW! The POT issue is totally beside the point. Just l;egalize it and be done with it…GEEZ

  33. Phalaris says:

    I wish all of you in the U.S. good luck. Sarah Palin is an evil woman, as is John McCain (though he is of course a man). I won’t lie, I was taken in by Obama’s “change” bullshit, but he is no better than anyone else. All these politicians are pigs, it’s unfortunate that not enough people see this, and not enough people stand up and do something about it. People can sit around and complain about all of this and get absolutely nothing accomplished, or they can actually get up and do something about it, if not, nothing will get done. The Canadian elections are coming up as well, and I am scared to death of what could going to happen if some of these assholes get into office, I truly believe something horrible is coming up and we as “free” people (not really free, I know) have to stand up and stop it from happening. I dunno, I have been drinking, maybe these are just ramblings…

  34. the roy monster says:

    I’ll never vote. Listening to these candidates bob and weave. Screw’em all. I smoke weed, not all day every day. But when it’s time for it I do it. Go ahead keep it illegal, keep thousands of law enforcement people thinking they are actually doing something worthwhile. Keep wasting dollars on the “drug war”. You started it waste time until the end. I am not moving to Alaska either, smartasses. I’ll stay in war torn detroit. That’s the way the country will end up after obammy gets his claws on it. Like that???

  35. It is interesting that conservatives argue against marijuana as an addictive gateway drug in states where it is illegal. That is their argument for keeping it illegal. But, when it is legal and one of the conservative brethren have admited to smoking it they say it is all right because it was legal at the time.

    Now which is it? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  36. To bad Obama/Biden are just pretty much the same. See the video.

  37. Gonzo says:

    Thanks, great piece, added a link to it on my site:

  38. McFugger says:

    The reason anyone cares about this is the hypocrisy that someone that admits to smoking pot wanting to make it illegal. It like a murderer wanting laws that make it illegal for him to kill more people. I think everyone sometime in their life has smoked weed whether they inhaled or felt the effects is another story. Most people that have tried it were younger in high school or college. The highest population of people that smoke are teens and college students who are just experimenting finding out who they are and who they want to become. All these laws do is turn good kids into hardcore criminals. I am sure if Palin was ever busted by the feds she would have another stance on pot, these politicians don’t have any empathy and can’t see them selves in someone else’s shoes.

  39. simon says:

    America Sucks.

    Move to Europe guys, and don’t get locked up for smoking mother earth.

  40. Anonymous says:

    simple question, what is the number one cash crop in the U.S.?
    I’ll give you a hint, its POT. the plant that makes the most revenue in this country is in fact illegal.

  41. Anonymous says:

    typical repub. I can do anything I want illegally but don’t you do it
    what a joke. I presume she did not inhale, yea right

  42. Anonymous says:

    Simply put. They are right. the feds moved that the state by state legalization of MJ went above the federal laws, and there for are void. Any doctor giving out a medical marijuana perscription well lose their medical practice. The government Is designed to protect it’s people from eachother, not from themselfs. The only people we have to blame is ourselfs for not standing up for our rights. now we fear the government and what it is capable of, and let the big companies control our laws and rights.

  43. Anonymous says:

    oh and sadly McFugger, it’s extreamly hard to move to europe with out a masters degree or better if you plan to move for work. Othere wise you need a sponser.. and good luck finding that if you are stuck in the states ๐Ÿ˜›

  44. RyanColby says:

    McTyrannt/Fail’n do talk out of both sides of their mouth. I’m disgusted that it is so obvious to each one of us, but when we’re face-to-face be have no courage to stand up for whats right. Shout: “something isn’t right anymore and we can change!”
    Educate, Communicate, and Relax.

  45. Anonymous says:

    palin? didn’t we learn about that name in the natzi/WW2 history books

  46. Anonymous says:

    were now stuck in the same boat as our forefathers that came to this country savagly murdered thousands of innocent native indians in the name of freedom(yea right).We Are Very Oppressed People Wake Up!!!
    And Be Heard. Only we can change our future

  47. gary says:

    I suggest that all of you educated liberal types ( no Yahoo cowboys or hillbillies please) move north to Canada….THE greatest country in the world…no doubt…and everyone respects us to boot.

    America is corrupt, greedy, warlike and too Christian (damn christians).

    We don’t have that problem inthe great white north.

  48. gary from Canada says:

    I suggest that all of you educated liberal types ( no Yahoo cowboys or hillbillies please) move north to Canada….THE greatest country in the world…no doubt…and everyone respects us to boot.

    America is corrupt, greedy, warlike and too Christian (damn christians).

    We don’t have that problem in the great white north.

  49. @gary from Canada: I respect your post. America is certainly about to go down the drain. Opportunity is ending. Time to move to Canada.

    @ This article: Palin is sexy and she smokes weed… how much better does it get?

    @American Weed Laws: They are not too strict, but still.. EFF you, McCain. Eff you, Obama. I wish we had a good candidate to choose from.

  50. Anonymous says:

    wow, it is like amazing how something that isn’t even important to anything becomes a big deal. Who cares if she smoked some weed? who hasn’t? who cares if she wasn’t arrested? How many other people haven’t been? There is a reason why i hate politics, and here is a good point about it. All republicans who run for office anymore are such idiots, though I know a few democrats who are too, the governor of my fair state of illinois is one of them, but yeah more dumbass republicans out there then democrats. So, here’s a reason why I am voting for Obama. Look at how f’d up Bush has the country, McCain will only make it worse, and Obama can’t do any worse. So anyone know how much longer our democracy is going to last?

  51. Russ says:

    “The penalty for marijuana should not be more harmful to the person than the drug itself” Forget which president said that (maybe FDR). But seriously all politicians are liars and hypocrites.

  52. bizzie says:

    get high high highhhhh

  53. yo momma says:

    smoke more pot AND GET HIGHHH HIGH HIGHHHH

  54. curious george says:

    What was palin’s political record regarding the drugs laws? Did her office step up enforcement? The story of her drugs involvement is an election-story indeed.

  55. roachclip says:

    Vote for Change in 2012
    New Party Reeferform Party
    We are establishing a new party and our platform is well:

    Invade Canada: Think about it. It a lot closerand most of the people already speak english. No more borders to worry about. Yes we should invade Canada. (p.s. we do not intend to use weapons to invade Canada, we will simply talk them to death)

    We need funding and we plan to start out convention right away so if there are any volunteers out there.

    Reeform Party convention in Amsterdam beginning Feb 2009 thru Feb 20012.

    More thoughts on platforms:

    Trickle Up Economics: Unlike Trickle down economics that simply do not work we believe that if enough people live in proverty that it can trickle up to everyone. Imagine your CEO getting less than a 10K dollar xmas bonus.

  56. Quake says:

    yeah Sarah FAlin sure made efforts to fight pot laws….not just verbally but by her voting too, and she did this right from the start. Hypocrites. And Americans should be ashamed of supporting such laws that murder people for enjoying or medicating from a completely nontoxic plant!!!

  57. Brian says:

    The honest truth is that it should be our own choice, and if you are so immature and greedy that you feel marijuana should be illegal, then you are simply taking away freedoms from others. Do you really believe people should be jailed for enjoying a simple plant that man has enjoyed for thousands of years? Learn to accept that different people enjoy different things and we should all have the choice to experience what we want, as these our our own bodies. The government did not create life, and therefore does not own it/us. The pot-prohibition goes directly against the founding fathers.

    “No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.”

    -Thomas Jefferson
    “They that can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety.”

    โ€“ Benjamin Franklin
    “It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”

    – U.S. Supreme Court in American Communications Association v. Douds

  58. dylan says:

    you no clinton ihaled

  59. Anonymous says:

    Marijuana will never be fully legal. So many people would loose their jobs and be on social assistance if marijuana was legalized. In British Columbia alone it is and industry worth over 7 Billion. Imagine the rest of North America now.

    However, those who are demonizing the substance should not now or ever take or ingest the substance. Saying “I didn’t like it” doesn’t mean anything either. Just because one person doesn’t like it does not mean it is bad everyone.

  60. noel says:

    if it is legal where she smoked it, it doesnt make it wrong. why blow this out of proportion just to make media because you dont like mccain/palin. there is something wrong with the media these days. like the shoe incident, if someone were to even look at hussain with a foul eye he would be beheaded, now they can throw shoes at the president of the most powerful country in the world? now why didnt i hear this point on cnn?

  61. Mike4Life says:

    Hahahahahahah mike ur a freekin god

  62. Anonymous says:

    Not a pothead or drinker, but just form observation it might be beneficial to replace the alcohol with pot in terms of legality. Instead of having a bunch of angry fighting drunk guys, we will have a bunch of stoned guys staring at a ceiling.

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