Rusty Duncan Quick Hits

I’m in San Antonio for the Rusty Duncan conference. This is my first RD and I am very impressed with the quality of the speakers. Here are some quick thoughts.

1. I think I saw Mark Bennett, philosopher/attorney. I expected him to be dressed more like Socrates.

2. There was a speech by Cathy Cochran on unanimous verdicts. We didn’t meet.

3. Keith Hampton is a hell of an attorney.

4. Even though the Court of Criminal Appeals often rules against the defense, some of the best legal scholars in Texas works tirelessly on defense appeals.

5. Field Sobriety Tests are BS (you already knew that).

6. Drug Recognition Experts are even more BS than field sobriety tests.

7. There are a lot of vendors at our conference. They can be divided into three groups. Those who want to help our clients (selling books, manuals), those who want to punish our clients (interlock devices etc), and those who want to help get us clients (internet marketers).

8. San Antonio is really hot, and the riverwalk is a tourist trap, but I love it.

9. I saw someone on a Segway. Weren’t those supposed to change the world?

10. The iPhone has taken over the criminal defense field. At least 25% of all cell phones here are iPhones.

If you’re here, send me an email. I’ll be at the luncheon tomorrow.

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