Rusty Duncan, Netroots Nation, Tubing! Video?

I’ll be at the Rusty Duncan conference in June. Mark has proposed getting the blawgers together, I concur. If you’ll be in San Antonio June 26-28 shoot me an email.

I’m also speaking at Netroots Nation in Austin July 17/18. I’m in an open records panel. NN is a “progressive” media convention. If there is any liberal in me, it’s classical liberal. Today, I’m libertarian. Should be fun to meet Vince from Capitol Annex and other proggresive bloggers.

I am considering floating down the Guadalupe after the Rusty Duncan conference. I have never tubed before. Any recommendations/ideas? Finally, once one is down the river how do you get back?

Do You Want Video?
I’ve been pitched a few different services for video on attorney websites/blogs. I’ve always thought blogging is a better medium that vlogging. Blogging creates a statement that can be studied, edited, and clarified. Vlogging seems to be more personality driven.

However, I am here for you guys. If you really want video, I’ll find a way to make some video.

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3 responses to “Rusty Duncan, Netroots Nation, Tubing! Video?”

  1. Dennis says:

    I think you park at the end of the river and then
    you float to your car. I believe they take you to the starting point. It should be fun.

  2. Droopydave says:

    Most outfitters that rent your tube, raft, or kayak will take you back. I’ve done the river in all 3; I recommend the kayak.

  3. Mark Bennett says:

    No vlogging. Video can’t be searched or skimmed.

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