Red Light Cameras

A bill on red light cameras snuck out of the Texas house at the last minute.

Basically, cities can use red light cameras for the next two years, after that they must prove that the cameras have improved public safety. The NMA,National Motorist Association, notes that there are NO independent studies linking red light cameras to safety imrpovement. What the cameras do improve is Tax revenue. Faced with the loss of these Golden Geese I am 100% certain that every city will be able to “prove” that cameras improved public safety.

The speed traps of old are being replaced with digital cameras. I live in Ellis County and drive through a speed trap on I-45 every day. I hate speed traps, but at least you have an actual officer writing you a ticket. You could have a jury trial and cross examine the officer. Red light cameras offer no such due process. These are contracted out of 3rd parties whose only interest is making as much money as possible.

Due Process should be more important than catching red light runners or tax revenue.

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