Do your neighbors grow pot?

The Star Telegram has a good article on the proliferation of “grow houses” in the area.

It seems that even though Marijuana is illegal and we’ve spent millions catching, prosecuting, and incarcerating pot dealers and users- people still want to use it!

IWTS Truth- Making someting illegal never eliminates demand, it just changes the suppliers.

The article, like most, doesn’t look at the bigger picture. Why would people grow pot indoors? We don’t have hundreds of indoor moonshine stills these days.

It seems that potent home grown weed sells for up to $500 AN OUNCE!

That’s what prohibition gets you. A market so skewed that for around $6,000 in start up costs you can produce a plant that is as valuable as Gold.

Now that the media and law enforcement have identified grow houses as a problem let me give you a clue as to how they are going to try and stop this problem.

The electric company is going to report more “suspicious” electricity users. Your neighbors will be encouraged to spy on other neighbors (The Crucible). The police are going to start snooping around private residences on “reasonable suspicion” (ie Smells like pot, must be a grow house)- instead of investigating crimes with actual victims (murder, sex offenders, robbery etc).

All this idiocy goes away when marijuana prohibition ends. But until then, TXU is joining hands with your local law enforcement agency.

My advise- Don’t buy a tanning bed in the near future unless you want a SWAT team over.

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