Polka Fest, DMN on DWI, and Mueller on Marijuana

Polka Fest 09-
This weekend is the annual Ennis Polka Festival. I’ll be at the KJT (Katolická Jednota Texaská) Saturday night (around 8ish) to see the Czechaholics and Brave Combo.

Come to Ennis and experience this one of a kind polkapalooza. Most of the polka dances can be accomplished with a slight variation of the country two step (quick, quick, slow, or something like that). No problem for most people to pick up. However, I largely rely on my wife to count the steps out loud while we are dancing. If NHTSA ever adopts the two step as a field sobriety test I”ll quit driving because I would fail every time.

I’m not surprised that the various DMN “blogs” take a less objective journalism tone and adopt the informal blogger style. However, this DWI blood draw post seems to have been written by MADD. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for blood tyranny before outside of MADD.

If you get pulled over for drunken driving this Memorial Day weekend, don’t bother refusing to blow. Dallas police are gonna get a warrant for bulletproof evidence – your alcohol-laced blood. And they’ll take it whether you like it or not.

First, “don’t bother refusing to blow” is some pretty blunt legal advise. The decision to blow or not is complicated with legal and factual considerations. The kind of decision we used to allow defendants to make with counsel.

For example, in deciding to blow or not you should be aware that we still don’t know what kind of software the Texas breath machine uses. Should we believe that our breath machine software is any less flawed than the Alcotest? Certain medical conditions can affect a breath score, as well as breath temperature. Should you blow or not? Depends, ask a lawyer, not a journalist.

Second, blood is only “bulletproof evidence” if you don’t know anything about blood testing, or evidence. Blood tests are complicated and require precision in every step or the results will be corrupted. Precise scientific evidence and law enforcement don’t always mix.

Also, just because a blood result is over .08 does not mean that the driver was over .08 when driving. We allow the make believe science of retrograde extrapolation to make that leap, but it’s far from “bulletproof.”

Finally, “take your blood whether you like it or not”? That sentence says a lot about the current state of DWI hysteria. We’ve gone GITMO on DWI suspects. You have no rights, and DPD has their needles ready.

Pot leads to crack and death says FBI director
Forcing our bureaucrats to advocate such ridiculous positions in public makes us all look bad. I’m sure this Robert Mueller guy is embarrassed and having to promote this idiocy. We should legalize pot if for no other reason than to end the public humiliation of our bureaucrats.

This must be some kind of secret federal government hazing ritual. Mr. Mueller is the pledge and before he gets a cabinet level position he has to get “punk’d” in front of Congress to show his loyalty. That makes more sense than his idea that we should treat pot like crack.

Thank you sir, may I have another!

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