On Technology- My Last PC?

I hate Windows. Every day I boot up that Windows XP logo reminds me how uncool and backwards my computer is. I want to be hip, creative, apple cool.

I feel like a serf on the Windows farm. I can’t leave, I want to leave. But I’m stubborn when it comes to software. Two programs that are essential to my practice are not Apple friendly.

The first is my law firm software, elaw. I love elaw, I can’t live without elaw. Elaw doesn’t support Apple.

The second is pro docs. The longer I practice the less I use pro docs. For criminal law I mostly take an old motion, apply new facts and case law, and turn that into a new motion. I do have some civil cases and I find pro docs invaluable for those cases. I could ditch PD if Elaw made the switch. PD is convenient, not essential.

Recently, my three year old work PC has proven to be unresponsive. First, the DVD player quit working with any consistency. It moans and groans before finally playing the DWI video, or giving up. I could replace just the DVD player, but its time to take this whole PC out to pasture.

Second, I need more RAM. One gig of RAM means having to wait for things to load. I need a faster computer to get more done now. Also, since my new computer comes with the Vista disaster, I’ll need 4 gigs of RAM just to play minesweeper.

Finally, this old computer is not adequate for storing or editing large amounts of video.

I didn’t fully realize how much fail was in Windows until I got an iphone two years. My iphone has two buttons, almost always works, syncs, updates, and is virus/spyware/adware free.

It’s everything my Windows computer isn’t- intuitive, efficient, and fun. The trojan horse iphone has me wanting more Apple technology in my life.

I look forward to the day I purchase my last PC. Elaw has assured me they are working on a mac product. I could learn to live without ProDocs. I’m probably going to buy a netbook in the near future, and hopefully never send Microsoft another dollar.

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