Plano Police DWI Scandal- The Offense Report

A quick recap- Tray B. was arrested by the Plano Police for Driving While Intoxicated. Tray’s Attorney, Don Tittle, overcame Texas’ incredibly limited discovery laws to find out that the arresting officers had been in contact with Tray’s ex wife before, during, and after the arrest of Mr. Boswell.

Here is the Tray’s DWI Case Report. Sadly, it looks like a the typical boiler DWI police report I see everyday. Nothing about it screams corruption. We’ve “trained” officers in how to write these reports so well, that I wonder how many of these phony DWI cases are never detected?

Pre Text Stops
Pre Text stops in Texas are legal. What is a pre text stop? If a cops wants to search or arrest you, but can not get a warrant, she is allowed to follow you while you drive until you commit any traffic violation. Then the officer may search, arrest, etc.

No other benign act does more to destory your rights than driving. In Texas, you can be arrested for almost any class C misdemeanor (even though class C misdemeanor do NOT allow incarceration as a punishment). Tray was pulled over for not having a front license plate.

What the camera doesn’t see
Notice the police alleged the front license plate was missing. Why? Probably because you can’t see it on the video. Ergo, for Tray to suppress this stop you would have a situation where the police say one thing, Tray says another, and the judge decides. Guess how that turns out?

Tray “failed” the HGN. The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus is a great tool for corrupt officers.Why? Because the state can argue it is “science” and because the jurors can not see the suspect’s eyes on video.

Other Allegations
Slurred Speech, Odor of an Alcoholic Beverage, Swaying, Blood Shot eyes, thick tounged speech. These are in the vast majority of DWI offense reports. None of them are viewable on camera.

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