National Drug Control Strategy- George W’s Introduction

The President released the National Drug Control Strategy today. I don’t have time to read 80 pages of garbage propaganda. Instead, let us focus on the intro by George W. Bush.

From George W’s introduction-

My Administration published its first National Drug Control Strategy in 2002, inspired by a great moral imperative: we must reduce illegal drug use because, over time, drugs rob men, women, and children of their dignity and of their character.

When did dignity and character become property of the federal government? Those properties seem to be in short supply in DC. Is Mr. Bush really saying that we incarcerate thousands of Americans to help protect their “character.”

Every flawed ideology starts off with a flawed premise. For the drug war, it’s the idea that all drug use is morally wrong. Saying Yes has a great breakdown of the hypocrisy that follows all “morality” claims about drug/alcohol use. Most religions adopt the view that the substance is not evil, but the actions that arise from use. Substances, even drugs, are morally neutral. Only actions can destroy dignity and character.

Lie About Winning- More from W

Prevention programs are reaching Americans in their communities, schools, workplaces, and through the media, contributing to a 24 percent decline in youth drug use since 2001

What George doesn’t tell you is that youth drug use is still 50% higher than in 1990. George does get propaganda points for mentioning children. Americans will suffer almost anything to “protect children.” What is not mentioned is how many children have lost parents to prison. We incarcerate more people per capita than ANY country on Earth. Protecting children is great. But the fact that children exist does not require us to incarcerate thousands for consensual crime.

Mention Terrorists

We have seized unprecedented amounts of illegal drugs and have denied drug traffickers and terrorists the profits they need to conduct their deadly work.

If terrorists make money off of drugs, it is because of federal drug policy. I would like to see a drug cartel or terrorist group sell anything available at Wal Mart. They would be bankrupt. Do terrorists profit off of beer, digital cameras, or health insurance? Corporations would put drug cartels and terrorists out of the narcotics business if we only let them.

The National Drug Control Strategy is a tale told by a fool, full of the sound and fury, that signifies nothing.

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One response to “National Drug Control Strategy- George W’s Introduction”

  1. Melanie says:

    The “War On Drugs” allows the US government to not only control its own citizens, but to dabble in the governments of foreign nations. Can’t think of any reason they would want to stop it now.

    I also hear that the US government’s credit status with the rest of the world is getting shabby, too. Maybe a crisis in that area will get some attention.

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