Medical Marijuana Continues To Disobey Federal Schedule I Definition

Headlines From Reuters-
<strongLow-dose pot eases pain while keeping mind clear

According to these Reuters people something called a “double blind placebo controlled randomized study” concluded that smoking marijuana was a safe and effective treatment for pain.

Yeah right. Maybe these “researchers” and “medical doctors” didn’t realize that Richard Nixon declared marijuana medically useless over 20 years ago. Tricky Dick didn’t need any placebos or double blind randomizing to reach that conclusion. Nixon just knew pot was bad.

The hundreds of federal employees fighting marijuana use wouldn’t lie to us. Who do these Reuters people think we are? They must be terrorist supporting marijuana addicts

Reuters states that this “research” was done by the Center for Medical Cannabis Research at the University of California. That can’t be true. Since marijuana has no medical use their couldn’t be an entire research center dedicated to studying the medical use of pot. That would be like having a Center for Medical Unicorn Research.

Luckily Americans don’t have to rely on this “Reuters” for news. We can still turn to the bastion of truth and integrity ONDCP, for unbiased, honest, and credible medical marijuana information.

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7 responses to “Medical Marijuana Continues To Disobey Federal Schedule I Definition”

  1. Indica Man says:

    Damned hippies and their double blindness! They can’t see the facts for the herbs.

    Thanks for the smile Robert

  2. Jeff says:

    You are so right. I would like to also point out a fact so eloquently put by Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA) who say’s to his constituents, “If you smoke marijuana you will find yourself huddeled in a corner willing to sell your children for just one more puff of marijuana.” Also In Iowa evidently when you smoke marijuana it effects your body just like heroin complete with extreme physically addictive properties and painful withdrawals. Funny, when I did heroin in NYC in the ’80’s and I use medical marijuana today rather than heroin, I fail to see the comparison. But my personal experience with both drugs, their dangers and their positive qualities must be wrong for it is exactly the opposite, regarding marijuana, as my gov’t’s opinion. So who do I believe, myself or my government. Hmmm,…ME! Yeah, that’s the ticket. That is also the way the citizens of America feel regarding marijuana. As put by the APC, “It is time government got out of the way of scientific and medical research, treatments and facts.” The fact that our gov’t continues to be in denial regarding marijuana, its theraputic effects and scientific and medical fact is conclusive evidence that our gov’t is sick and in need of healing. This can only be accomplished by removing the sick politicians like Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA.) Yet you can’t blame him for out of all time he grew up in the period of time where the use of cannabis was propagandized as terrifyingly addictive and dangerous to ones sanity. I myself, at 55 and a MMJ patient, lived through part of this, as we all continue to do today. Also as the ACP said, “The government must catch up with scientific and medical facts and societal changes in the righting of wrongly created and racially based man made laws,” not clear crimes against humanity but rather a crime against the Federal Government, a man made crime. When the feds can suffer my nausea for me then I will be for them. But while they try to oppress me and negatively effect my quality of life by prohibiting my medicine through political opinion rather than facts, they can kiss my ass. Peace

  3. Nick Landry says:

    i don’t see why we are spending so much money on fighting such a harmless drug, when ice, crack, heroine, and cocaine are brain rotting drugs! Pot only leaves you feeling tired and buzzed. a great way to relax after a hard days work. and the money saved fighting this drug combined with the money made on the taxes and doctors visits and other items that are used roll the marijuana in or smoke it in would help the economy and not to mention the never so potent “Help” that would help the economy too!!! this country was making money and doing well with the bartering and selling of hemp and pot that the oil and cotton industries felt thretened. that’s the only reason it’s illegal here now!!!!

  4. shelby taylor says:

    YOU ARE A FOOL. I bet your parents forced the bible into your brain and somehow said that a plant god made was bad for you. Marijuana is safer than drinking. NO ONE HAS EVER died from consumption of marijuana. The other fellas right, why would we ever pay so much money to put an end to such a harmless drug. What the hell are you talking about that people are fightn marijuana. IF THEY WANT TO QUIT< THEY OCULD RIGHT NOW ITS NOT ADDICTIVE. ALL FACTS BUDDY

  5. Robert Guest says:

    I rarely do an entire post of sarcastic schtick. However, this was one of them.
    I’m on the NORML legal committee because I know pot should be legal.

  6. Matt says:

    I think that its a simple yes or no. Personaly i think every state should have legal medical marijuana. Its proven you could smoke for 17 years and have no e
    ffect on your brain.

  7. Marijuana is a plant that has medical value in any form “. that includes language that has anything to do with the legality of who is allowed to use would, in my oppinion, would further open the door for the leo’s to mess with it, as it would leave it up to them again to determine what is and what is not…

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