Marijuana Detox Drinks, Field Sobriety Tests, and the War on Drugs- You search, I answer

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Remember, this isn’t legal advise. You pay for that. This is blogging.

Search Terms- Where to Find Marijuana Detox Drink in Dallas, Texas

Reader, I feel for you. I believe marijuana should be legal and treated like alcohol. I also have no idea where to get a detox drink in Dallas.

I know what you are thinking. If only you had done some crack, or shot some heroin- because those drugs will not stay in your system as long. Let me assure you that smoking pot is still a much safer recreational experience than other illegal drugs.

I suspect you must take a drug test for probation, or trying to get a job.

If you are on probation that is a great time to quit smoking weed. The State of Texas only approves cigarettes and doctor prescribed drugs while you are on probation. So get some Camels and/or a script for Marinol.

If you are trying to get a job- Don’t work for those idiots. Any company that would waste money screening for cannabis does not deserve your talents.

Search Terms- Field Sobriety Test False Positives

Depends what research you use. Since the SFST are completely subjective they are subject to false positive results. Research has shown a false positive rate between 22-47%.

Search Terms- How Should US War On Drugs Be Changed

Easy. First, here are all my posts on the subject. In Sum- We should allow adults to legally buy the drugs they want for recreational use. That will end the black market, and empty our prisons. We can then focus these criminal justice resources on killers, rapists, terrorists etc. For further reading try StopTheDrugWar.Org.

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2 responses to “Marijuana Detox Drinks, Field Sobriety Tests, and the War on Drugs- You search, I answer”

  1. <img src="http://www.blogger.c says:

    There needs to be a accurate tool for determining degree of intoxication from certain substances. Until that tool is developed, like breathealyzers, then most people will not try to address it. With such a tool, you could begin to pressure employers and testing facilities.Marijuana use is treated with the same amused contempt that sexual fiascoes are. We could call for more stringent restrictions on alcohol to match those placed on drug use – that’s bound to get attention.

  2. Lincoln says:

    Mr. Guest,
    I stumble across your site on accident and am so glad I did. I share many of your views. Espeically on the legal use of marijuana.

    I do not use pot and never have. I am a private pilot and between the FAA and my employer I assure I whiz as pure as a driven snow. But now my rant….

    Why we dont let our farmers grow it, let our tabacco companies roll it, package it and sell it with tax stamps is beyond me. It may be one of the stupidest laws ever undertaken.

    The war on drugs,…please you may as well have a war on masturbation and try to curb that. I want the police and resources spent on this crap to be spent on my borders, my ports and my schools.

    In fact it’s been my experience from talking to friends and growing up in the midwest that getting a bag of pot was easier than getting beer or cig’s.

    I hope I never need your services but if I do I assure you I will call you.

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