MADD meets in Dallas

MADD is having a meeting in Dallas. Needless to say they are having a fit over the idea that 18-20 shouldn’t be criminally prosecuted for drinking.

Here is a great quote from MADD’s president, Laura Dean-Mooney,

This is not about rights and responsibilities. It’s about public health and safety.

Laura exhibits the myopic zeal common among petty tyrants. She vows to keep her child from attending any school where officials endorse changing our nation’s failed drinking age laws. To Dean-Mooney and her ilk ignorance and criminal prosecution are the only way to teach young adults how to use alcohol responsibly. This explains MADD’s shameful practice of arguing for the prosecution of our nation’s soldiers who dare to drink on base. Teetotallers have no use for rights, freedom or responsibility- all that matters is their definition of public safety.

The tides are turning, even MADD acknowledges that the public is learning to ignore their fraudulent statistics. From DMN-

Mr. Hurley said that one of MADD’s biggest challenges is presenting science to the public, because whatever data it offers is considered biased, Mr. Hurley said.

This isn’t surprising. Most Americans drink before 21 in defiance of the confused zealots at MADD. It’s time to move beyond their rhetoric and develop new laws that respect freedom, rights, and responsibilities.

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  1. debbie reynolds says:

    heyy, i was just reading the email, the petition. i signed it.
    is dallas near Ohio? I’ve always wanted to go to Ohio. <3
    i’m 13 by the way.. 😀

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