MADD Fights Against “Bad” Constitutional Violations

MADD feigns outrage to the Department of Justice report on racial profiling. MADD only opposes racial profiling because it is a roadblock (pun intended)to universal implementation of their beloved sobriety checkpoints, inter alia.

As MADD works to enact these lifesaving efforts through effective legislation,
we encounter resistance from representatives and constituents concerned that
these laws will give some law enforcement officers another opportunity to engage
in racial profiling.

MADD’s “good” constitutional violations are being impeded by a “bad” constitutional violation.

You can’t have it both ways. MADD fights for racial profiling every time it champions weakening the Bill of Rights to “stop drunk drivers”.

MADD proposes more data collection to fight racial profiling. A more transparent police state will not protect you from government abuses. Freedom protects you from government.

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    So if you’re black /and/ drunk you’re kill on sight, right?

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