MADD Blog 20/20

MADD recently started their own blog. It seems no one has noticed. Comments are sparce. Not surprising since the writing is formulaic blog drivel.

From the blog title it appears that neo prohibitionist mission creep has set in at MADD. Not content to eliminate drunk driving, MADD is also on a crusade of “underage drinking prevention” and “support of the 21 minimum drinking age law”.

Most posts link a news story about a DWI death or a repeat offender being arrest. Then MADD touts their simple solution that would magically prevent all tragedies in the future. MADD is selling security and only asking for a little liberty in return.

The theme of the MADD blog is that if you don’t support their neo prohibitionist idiocy (banning kegs, arresting college students for drinking) or their police state idiocy (making it a crime to refuse a breath test) you must support death on the highway.

That isn’t the choice; between death and freedom. We have been tough on DWI and the fatality numbers aren’t responding. We have already repealed the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment for DWI suspects. Maybe, just maybe, a new approach is warranted.

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