Louisiana Forced Blood Draws

From Foxnews.comdwi+deating A Shreveport police officer is fired after allegedly beating a handcuffed female DWI suspect.

The story- A female suspect was arrested for DWI. She was brought into the 5th Amendment violation (breath test) room.
The woman then asked to make a phone call. Her request was denied. The officer then handcuffed the now irate suspect.

This is where the incident turns violent. The police officer turns off the room’s video camera. When the camera finally is turned back on the woman is lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

The officer’s story- “she fell.” No word on if this suspect’s blood was taken off the floor for alcohol sampling. No charges have been filed agains the officer.

We arrest DWI suspects, deny them attorneys, force them to take blood tests, etc/ to protect “public safety.” Our only protection from the police, however, is freedom.

Texas does not allow for phone calls (including to defense counsel) before DWI samples are taken. I can’t see the danger in allowing a phone call. However, the state needs their DWI convictions to keep us safe.


2 responses to “Louisiana Forced Blood Draws”

  1. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    how in the world can that officer not be charged with aggravated assault?

  2. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    Why would he? She just fell. Cops never lie. Besides, this lady should thank the officer for preventing intoxication manslaughter on the roads.

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