Lesson from the $900k verdict- Dallas Jail is too dangerous for traffic ticket suspects

The Dallas Jail continues to vie for the title of the worst run jail in Texas. Recently, a jury awarded $900,000 to a man who was denied medical care while in custody. Grits has a great breakdown of the verdict.

To make matters worse, Dallas uses this dangerous jail to incarcerate those with outstanding traffic fines. The Dallas city council has chosen to arrest their way to fiscal responsibility. The annual expenditures for kickbacks and corruption must contribute to the need for revenue. To fill the coffers Dallas launched the ill conceived “Operation Pay or Stay” program. The result is that one of the most dangerous jails in Texas, is now being used a debtors prison.

Tarrant County has already had a traffic ticket arrest turn into a death sentence. It is only a matter of time before Dallas experiences a similar tragedy.


One response to “Lesson from the $900k verdict- Dallas Jail is too dangerous for traffic ticket suspects”

  1. Robert, don’t you realize that we need to put these “criminals” in jail? Failing to pay your traffic tickets just takes money from the pockets of our good thug…I mean police force. We need to collect these fines so that the police can keep our streets and children safe!

    You as a member of the criminal justice community should understand this most! /sarcasm
    Aren’t debtor’s prisons a violation of the Constitution?

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