Kaufman Public Defender- Job Opening

Job Opening- Kaufman Public Defender
I have received a few emails from readers looking for criminal law jobs. The Kaufman Public Defender has an opening for an Assistant Public Defender. Call Andrew Jordan for details.

My First Job
…was with the Wichita County Public Defender. It did not prove satisfactory for a few reasons. First of all, the misdmeanor prosecutor would offer time served and no fine to 90% of my clients. The Sheriff had a policy of giving 2 for 1 credit for time spent in jail.

Typically I would be assigned a defendant who had spent 21 days in jail. Defendant would be placed on the jail chain and dragged into court. The DA would offer 42 (21×2) days time served, with fine and court costs paid for. The defendant had a decision to make- Get out of jail with no fine, or fight the case and stay in jail. Hmmmmm….. Tough choice.

It was a no brainer for defendant’s to accept the plea bargain. I spent most of my time explaining plea papers and guilty plea consequences.

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