Is Everything a Threat to “Officer Safety”? Wylie PD Edition

To recap- I filed an open records request for any local DWI enforcement materials developed or used by Wylie PD. At trial two officers testified these materials did not exist. Through an open records request I learned that not only do such materials exists, but the City tried to withold them claming

Release of theInformation requested would give people insight into our
procedures, which wouldput officers at a disadvantage in a situation regarding:
DWI enforcement….searches, arrest and detention, including but not limited to,
placing the officer’s life in danger. In addition the Information relates to
policies and procedures which are different from those commonly known with law
enforcement and crime prevention.”

Today I received those materials. Basically Wylie put together a 6 page outline on how to handle a DWI arrest. It contains mostly basic DWI 101 material.

WARNING- WYLIE POLICE OFFICERS MAY DIE IF YOU READ THIS.wylie+pd+dwiwylie+pd+dwi2wylie+pd+dwi3

The statement from Wylie PD’s attorney contains many lies, the two most obvious are that these procedures are somehow different than those commonly known, the second is that officer’s lives will be threatened. Hyperbolic boilerplate fabrications seem to be the norm in Open Records requests.

I should change my FOIA request letters to match the garbage these City’s Attorneys put out. Maybe something like “Million of children may perish, the Moon may explode, and puppies will be tortured if these records are not released within 24 hours!!!!”


2 responses to “Is Everything a Threat to “Officer Safety”? Wylie PD Edition”

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    If those statements were made by a lawyer, could you file an ethics complaint with the state bar?

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    I would not pursue it on that level. I think legal arguments need protection, even for hyperbolic fiction. These lawyers are zealous advocates for their clients, and I can appreciate that role, if not their methods.Exposing these practices is enough for me.

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