If Florida had bar reciprocity….

I wouldn’t leave. I’ve been in Key West for 24 hours and this is paradise. When I left Dallas it was snowing and I was fighting traffic on 360. Here, the weather is perfect and “traffic” is mostly golf carts and mopeds.

Where to start? First, there is the awe inspiring natural beauty of the Keys. The teal water, sandy beaches, flora and fauna deserve a few hundred words. But nature writing is not my strong point.

Besides beauty the commerce in Key West is refreshingly local and unique. While there is a CVS near our hotel there is nary a chain restaurant in site. One reason I loathe Cancun is that it’s been over run with megacorp blandness. I’ve always been more Port Aransas than South Padre Island. The conch republic/pirate shtick is fun. I’ve seen more than a few drunk “pirates” in full garb, complete with fake parrots.

Last night we mingled with the fellow NORML legal committee members and had a great time. A more friendly/welcoming group of people can not be found. There are no strangers here. I made fast friends with lawyers from across the county united in our dedication to reform. I can see why so many of the same lawyers return year after year. This is the only way to get CLE hours.

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