I would love to be in your court right now but….

I had court in Kaufman this morning. 6 cases set in two courts, one upstairs and one downstairs. First, I went to the upstairs court. I spoke with the ADA, worked out a plea bargain, decided to set two cases for pre trial etc. Things are moving along when two lawyers and my downstairs client inform me that my downstairs case has been called and the judge is waiting.

Not wanting to make the judge unhappy I book it downstairs; talk with another ADA, got appointed to a new case, and worked on passing these cases.

Before I can finish downstairs, the bailiff from upstairs comes to tell me that I still have 2 clients waiting and that I need to go back upstairs. It seems the upstairs judge has another hearing at 10:30 and my clients are holding that up. I quickly fill out two reset sheets, tell my new client to meet me at my office, and go back upstairs to finalize those cases.

7 cases resolved (for the morning at least) in 90 minutes. Not bad.

I appreciate the need for judicial economy and efficiency. However, there is only one of me. My absence is not purposeful. If I’m not in your court I’m on my way. Sending the bailiff to get me is a thoughtful gesture. However, I don’t require a personal armed escort to our hearing. I want to be there; now. I need a clone, or an assistant, or an RFID implant to track my exact location and estimated time of arrival.

Finally, if you are an ADA and tired of waiting on my case you have my permission to dismiss said case.

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  1. me says:

    in about 6 months i’ll be eligible for a third year bar card…

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