I want to take PI cases to trial but….

The power of Google has made my site prominent to victims of Public Intoxication citations. Despite Google’s kind introduction very few of these defendants become clients.

My preference is to set ticket cases for trial and force the State to meet their burden. Unfortunately a ticket trial setting is an expensive endeavor. More expensive than simply requesting deferred and paying the ticket, or hiring the $65 ticket lawyer for a quick plea. I want treat these cases like a “real” criminal case- investigate the facts, pick a jury, cross examine the cop etc. I can’t do those things for less than the cost of deferred probation (usually $200-$300).

Most defendants would rather take the sure dismissal with deferred than pay more to risk conviction at trial. I can’t blame them. Ticket court is set up to maximize revenue, not achieve justice. Even though the vast majority of PI defendants are arrested and thrown in the drunk tank they have no right to court appointed counsel. It’s another way we incarcerate without representation in Texas.

Justice often takes a back seat to finance and convenience. I’m still happy to discuss your PI case and offer my services. However, it’s never cheaper or quicker to hire me to try your case. Until that changes, I may never become the PI fighting malfeasance exposing criminal defense super hero the public needs.

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One response to “I want to take PI cases to trial but….”

  1. Jeff Kramer says:

    The cash machine that is tickets are definitely set up to maximize revenue and make it not worth your time to fight it.

    I had a school zone traffic ticket a while back. And while I firmly believed that I was right and the cop was wrong, after weighing my options I decided I was better off doing deferred than taking the chance on a conviction. It just wasn’t worth it.

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