I joined NORML

I finally joined the NORML legal committee. NORML is the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws. I have always known that the criminalization of Marijuana is pointless and morally bankrupt. It leads to corruption and make billionaires out of drug lords. My only trepidation has been that so many people believe the government propaganda about this drug.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol and cigarettes, and it’s a lot of fun to boot (so I’ve heard). Tax it, use the money to lower my property taxes.

I was never a prosecutor who got exited because some kid had “dope” on him. Who is safer in our country when the cop pulls over a citizen and finds a dime bag?

Crimes should have victims, POM (Possession of Marijuana) doesn’t.

Finally, it seems to be the unspoken truth among prosecutors that most under 30 have smoked weed in their liftetime. After all, most prosecutors did go to college.

If it’s good enough for George W. Bush to use and Bill Clinton to possess (but not inhale), it should be legal for everyone.

I’m sure this move puts me on some terrorist watch list but it’s the right thing to do.

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    Bob, I applaud you wanting to use your legal skills in this way, and would love to read more detail about the POM case that triggered your exit from the prosecutors’ ranks.But just to have said it, at least here in Texas, for those who want to work on those issues, IMO ACLU, the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance (and for a while the Justice Policy Institute) have proven to be more credible advocates.This is partly because NORML considers itself an advocate FOR marijuana smokers, not an advocate for rational marijuana laws and policy. Many NORML leaders actually have an almost identity-politics type approach to the issue that tends to marginalize them in the political arena.I’m not being critical of anyone who chooses to associate with NORML – many wonderful people do, from Willie Nelson on down. Just offering one activist’s perspective on the relative effectiveness of the group here in the Lone Star State. best,

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    It wasn’t any POM case that caused me to leave prosecution. I joined NORML because they seemed to have some good CLE and networking. I will take a hard look at the MPP and DPA.Thanks for your input.

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