Happy DARE Day from George W!

One reason I prefer freedom over government is accountability. If a business does not provide the goods and services the public wants customers take their money elsewhere and the business fails.

Government is the opposite. Failing programs see their budgets increased and almost never close. DARE is one such program. By all accounts DARE HAS BEEN A COMPLETE FAILURE. DARE has shown no efficacy in keeping kids from using drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Yet the government continues to waste over a billion dollars a year on DARE.

This week, President Bush issued a proclamation declaring DARE day. Do we really need a day to celebrate government propaganda? Really? Surprisingly,Pushingback.com is the only place I could find this moving declaration from our Commander in Chief.

I know that you don’t want to read it. I’m pretty sure George didn’t write it. In the interest of brevity I will post one paragraph from the DARE day speech. My links provide the truth to Bush’s sad statist platitudes.

All Americans have a responsibility to encourage others to turn away from drug abuse and to make good choices in life. During National D.A.R.E Day, we renew our commitment to providing our youth the knowledge and encouragement they need to resist the pressures that can lead them to experiment with drugs and violent activities. By working together, we can help our children build lives of purpose and strengthen our communities, one heart and one soul at a time.

Happy DARE day!

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