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My wife is sick, so no new material until tomorrow. Until then go to the FWST and comment on this story. It is a typical federal drug bust. ATF and the Arlington Police waste time busting drug dealers who are going to be instantly replace. One of the defendants gets a 17 year sentence. Great use of tax dollars. I guess the DEA couldn’t find an medical marijuana patients or pain doctors to harass.

Make sure and comment below the story. There are some typical “tough on crime” knee jerk comments. Make your voice heard.

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One response to “Go Comment on FWST Drug Story”

  1. John Oglesby says:

    I enjoy your blog and appreciate your stand for freedom.
    I read the article and posted the following comment:

    The people that have been sentenced will be replaced immediately because the demand is still there. Weapons are involved because their businesses are subject to armed invasion by government agents. When was the last time you heard of a liquor store owner involved in a gun battle with police? Yet alcohol causes as much damage annually as drugs. Alcohol is tolerated because it is the drug of choice of lawmakers. Why not allow others to choose their favorite drug.
    The crimes are artificial, created by the government act of prohibition. Remove prohibition and the violence will become unnecessary. Allow adults freedom to choose whether they succeed or fail. And if they fail through drugs, how is that so different from failure through any other means?

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