Exclusive Interview with Barry Cooper aka NeverGetBusted.com

I am proud to announce an upcoming exclusive interview with Barry Cooper. Barry is a former cop who produces the “Never Get Busted” line of DVDs. These DVDs focus on surviving police encounters with your freedom intact. My earlier post on Never Get Busted is here.

More fun with Site Meter- I get a good number of hits on Google searches for “How to Hide Your Stash.” You need Barry’s site to hide your stash, you need my law firm site when someone finds it.

I spoke with Barry briefly on the phone today. We discussed problems with the current drug reform movement, Mark Emery, and Fox News.

Barry is a high energy person. He has lots of ideas about reform. I will have a full length interview on the site sometime this week.

I will also have a DVD review of “Never Get Busted” so stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Exclusive Interview with Barry Cooper aka NeverGetBusted.com”

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    Hi I would just like thank Barry Cooper for sharing such useful information with the world and for speaking out for all the innocent people that go to jail for unjustified crimes. So thank you so much Barry for everything you are doing for all these people!!!Sincerly-Veronica-

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    What a amazing article. Now-a-days I am hearing about lot of drug paddlers getting arrested, drug traffic getting busted. But still people some how manage to get hands on drugs and they are not worried about Passing a drug test, since detox drinks and capsules which are available in market.

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