DWI- .00 and still arrested!

Thanks for William for sending the link. A shocking story in Phoenix highlights all that is wrong with DWI enforcement.

Here is the story-
Jason Squires is a DWI attorney in Arizona. Mr. Squires gets a not guilty verdict on an “extreme” DWI case. Officer Bond Gonzalez was a witness at the trial.

A few weeks later Mr. Squires goes out drinking with his wife Heather and two friends. Heather was the designated driver and did not drink.

On the way home Officer Gonzalez pulls the car over. Officer G smells alcohol (from passengers) and demands Heather perform field sobriety tests.

Jason tells Heather to refuse these tests. DWI defense attorneys know these tests are a fraud. Jason also believed that Officer Gonzalez wasn’t going to be impartial. Result- Heather gets arrested for DWI, car is impounded. Heather’s blood alcohol was then tested and confirmed to be .000!!

This is why opinion crime is so dangerous. The police have unilateral authority to arrest without evidence. The driving public has no protection from corrupt or incompetent police.

Later the police department stated that Heather had “forced” Officer Gonzalez to arrest her by “not cooperating”! The very purpose of the 5th amendment is that you are not required to “cooperate” with the police.

At the very best this case represents the presumption of guilt for DWI cases. We train police to assume drivers are drunk and that they must arrest more to save lives. We then reward officers who arrest the most.

At worst this is a payback arrest by a corrupt officer. In an earlier time, Freedom protected you from corrupt police. However, the Bill of Rights has since been repealed in for DWI suspects.

What will happen to the either incompetent or corrupt Officer Bond Gonzalez? Nothing. Police who arrest the innocent rarely face any consequences.


5 responses to “DWI- .00 and still arrested!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bond Gonzalez deserves to have HIS civil liberties revoked. Throw him in the slammer. Make up some charge to make it more ironic. “Impersonating a cop” sounds good, since he clearly isn’t one… he’s a piece of garbage pretending to be one.

  2. Mari Miller says:

    and just to make it interesting, what if the officer is female and having an affair with the victum’s husband.. Have there still been no laws broken?

  3. Dennis says:

    Arzonia is out of control. Why would anyone want to live there. Can anyone name a reason?

  4. I posted a excerpt to your article on http://www.at-the-water-cooler.com/buzz/Justice/ I think it is important that people realize the truth about the system.

  5. KNAB says:

    Pithy and to the point. You are exactly right. People are presumed to be guilty now, a sure sign of the ambivalent way the government is treating “its” citizenry.

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