Duncanville Police Raid The Cherry Pit

Late Saturday night the Duncanville Police raided the “cherry pit”, a private residence that also hosts swinger parties. According to DMN the police stormed in guns drawn (insert joke here). From DMN

Duncanville police executed a search warrant at the club, the Cherry Pit, which has been the subject of a Duncanville ordinance that bans sex clubs.

“They had guns drawn when they busted down the door,” said Ed Klein, the Cherry Pit’s attorney. “You’d have thought this was some kind of meth lab.”

What “crime” did this raid uncover? The police issued 10 tickets for operating a sex club. That’s it. Class C misdemeanors. We usually don’t call out SWAT teams to raid the homes of code violators; and for good reason. It’s dangerous to raid a private residence at night.

Besides being dangerous, this raid is a poor use of resources. Here is the crime report from the Duncanville police web site. These crimes all occurred during the 48 hours before the raid on the Cherry Pit.
I would hope these crimes would take priority over code violations.


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  1. Robert, don’t you realize that getting involved in the bedroom affairs of consenting adults is more important than silly holdups? Do you know if they’re going to try to get these people as registered sex offenders? That would be truly scary.

  2. The city of Duncanville is playing “whack a mole” with the Cherry Pit. The basis of the original complaints against the Cherry Pit was noise and parking violations, issues for which local laws already exist. Instead of using existing laws, the city has been consumed by “something must be done” syndrome and is trying to manufacture legislation. I hope that they do not prevail. No compelling evidence has been produced that this is a sex club. No court cases, no convictions, nada. The city is pissing in the wind and providing untold dollars’ worth of negative publicity for Duncanville. Truly they do not understand the First Law of Holes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is just plain wrong. The DVille government and police need to get over it. People have sex. Sometimes people have sex alone. Sometimes people have sex with other people… And some people have sex with people other than their spouse. If adultery is legal… then why is a house full of swingers an act that brings out the police in battalions? What is wrong with those people? Leave the swingers alone and start solving crimes!

  4. Ed Klein says:

    I’m the attorney representing Mr. Jim Trulock, the homeowner at the address that the Duncanville Police raided beginning late Saturday night and well into Sunday morning. Today, they went back, with another “Search Warrant” signed by a Municipal Court Judge at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, accompanied by an officer from the TABC (acting in what I’ve been told is an “advisory” capacity) and they took – wait for it – ALL the alcohol in the house! This time, they busted down the other door that they didn’t bust down on Saturday night to gain access.

  5. Reverend Dianne C. Mayo says:

    The time has come for all consenting adults to take a stand. This could potentially affect anyone and everyone’s ability to choose a sexual partner, to have a grown-up party in one’s home, to simply congregate for whatever purpose with like-minded adults. As an ordained minister and as a mother of three married over 23 years, I feel no threat from these homeowners and their parties. Would Duncanville leave them alone if they car-pooled? I doubt it. Would Duncanville leave them alone if they did not accept any donations? I doubt that, too. Don’t kid yourself. This is about sexual activity between consenting adults in a private residence, not anything else. If it was a book club or Bible study class meeting every Saturday night with 50 or so members who took donations and caused a parking problem, Duncanville would issue parking tickets, not SWAT team warrants. These tactics are harrassment, plain and simple, and employed in this extreme manner to scare the guests of Jim Trulock and Julie Norris back into their own houses. Where will it end? The true question is: which officials are up for re-election, and why are they ordering raids on peaceful gatherings of consenting adults? It’s posturing and pressure to conform, nothing more or less.

  6. Another raid two days after the last one? Bringing the TABC in?
    Can you say “harrassment squared”?

  7. Dawn Burton says:

    The city of duncanville KNOWS they are gonna lose in court, so now they are gonna resort to false allegations and gestapo tacits and harrassment to get rid of the Cherry Pit! SHAME on them for ABUSING their so called power of authority. Shame on them for scaring consensual adults that were committing NO CRIMES! We don’t want the government in our bedrooms! These raids were clearly a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION and I hope everyone that was there sat night SUES THE SHIT out of duncanville. MsDawn mom of five and sexual rights activist!

  8. Pixie says:

    The City of Duncanville is just a bunch of backwards people. I grew up in that town and glad I no longer have anything to do with that city. There is more crime, more mischief then just a bunch of consenting responsible adults having sex in that city. Jim would never let anyone leave if they had to much to drink. He would throw them out and has even called the police because of people not following the rules in the house. The City needs to move on to the gang violence and other stuff in that city before they pick on the patrons and owners of a resident in which people are friends having a responsible, happy party.

  9. John Ege says:

    The job of the DVille police is to demonize the folks at this party. It’s the only way to justify breaking in a door and pointing guns at people, a majority of which were women folks. Not terrorists. Not drug lords. Just folks that like sex. So the city officials will have to say, they’re money laundering, and they’re prostitues. If this is so, every man who has bought diner for his date and got sexual gratification is engaging in prostitution. They have to show the Cherry Pit attendees are morally depraved. They’re not like most folks. That last statement would be correct. They’re more honest than most folks. They’re able to talk about their wants and needs in an open fashion, and I dare say that is better than lying and cheating on a spouse. Do they feel jealousy? Sure, sometimes. But they deal with it, openly, they talk. DVile cops and swat team should be ashamed, pushing women around and pointing weapons at them. But then, we already knew they were cowards. This is one raid they knew no one would shoot at them. The neighbors say it brings crime to their area? Can you statistically prove that statement? Bet you anything, that area is safer because these people don’t want bad reps or negatvie attention, mostly because THEY”RE GOOD, HONEST PEOPLE, who know normal folks aren’t capable of this sort of stark honesty. City Officials will say these kinds of people spread diseases. Well, no, they’re less likely to spread disease because they get checked out and don’t hide their affairs. It’s the men and women cheating on their spouses who are less likely to seek medical attention if an open sore appears on their genitals, because then they would have to explain how they got it! Contrary to popular belief, swingers do have criteria for choosing partners. They don’t sleep with just anyone! Neighbors say they can’t sell their houses, that the CP is lowering the value of their property. There’s a shock! In this market, most houses aren’t selling, and one reason is that everyone in America has been paying too much for their houses! Oh, poor neighbors can’t sell their 500,000 dollar homes. Did the DVille police feel the moral urge to go break up that money laundering business? No, they’ll just go stop people from having sex, and I wonder if maybe that’s because they can’t get sex at home. And if they aint getting any, well, they figure no one should get any. And if you haven’t noticed, it’s usually the politicians that make laws against this sort of “perversion” that end up getting caught tapping their feet in airport bathrooms. Wonder what sort of depravity the DVille mayor gets off to? Stories of swat pointing guns at women? Handcuffs and forced entries?

  10. Mark B says:

    I guess the Dville Swat team was scared when they had to enter the house. They probably knew that most if not all the men were COCKed & LOADED for fun. And they probably were afraid also of the SM/BD rumours. Thought they might get molested or something by a bunch of OPEN HONEST Horny ladies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Prostitution. Geez, if they think paying $50.00 is Prostitution they need to go back to Cop School. Girls on Craigslist, BackPage and other forums get $100 + for 15mins. And I think Street Hookers ask for more than $50 also. They have added this charge and the others like MONEY LAUNDERING as way to try & sensationalize eveything. The same with the TABC. They neglected to mention that every bottle of alchol they confiscated had a stick on label with someones name on it. People leave Alcohol behind because they know it is SAFE with friends. The CherryPit doesnt even have a TIP JAR as far as I know like the 13th Floor does for the people pouring your alcohol there. Maybe the TABC needs to work more on busting the Drunks in Deep Ellum & other trouble spots & leave PRIVATE HOMES alone.

    Oh yeah, this is all coming from City MGR Kent Cagle who doesnt care about peoples Homes or their rights;

  12. Cindy says:

    This is so much a violation of everyone’s constitutional rights. As a texan we are also covered by the consenting adult laws that state what 2 or more consenting adults do in public is legal. So a violation of state rights as well!
    We all as consenting adults get outraged at this crap they have pulled!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have been there once. I thought it was OK. That makes me think… If they find my bottle of Stoli Elite I want is back! I think I left one there. That stuff is expensive.

    Ummmm….. Prostitution? Are you kidding? WE ARE SWINGERS!!! Why in the WORLD would any of us of either gender pay for it when we have beautiful/handsome partners to enjoy it with there? If someone were to throw a few bucks on the bed for their partner after playing, they would not only be escorted straight out of any swing club, I hate to see what that walk of shame would be like!

    It is not illegal to have sex.

    They are not a bar (That was personal liquor). They didn’t even accept tips!

    Money laundering… Well, having not seen their books I wouldn’t know for sure, but anyone who as been there knows that this is not a hotbed of flashy money. If they were laundering it, then there would be signs of significant money somewhere. Instead, it is just real people having a little fun.

    Wow… I feel so bad for them. I really do. They may be in the right, but they sure are harassing them, and being legal in their harassment. You can’t stop them from executing search warrants, whether there is a foundation or not.

  14. J says:

    This is outrageous. The politicians and law enforcement brass that ordered this SWAT team invasion knew full well that the attendees were meeting peacefully and would be completely unarmed. They KNEW they would be traumatizing people but they didn’t care. Not about the people and certainly not about their constitutional rights. And the fact that they used a battering ram to break down the door of a peaceful private home should be criminally penalized. Taking photographs and confiscating personal items was also nothing more than scare tactics. The people who made the decision to carry out the raid, break down the door, and traumatize those people should be held accountable both professionally and personally. No one in their right mind would open the door to their home at night to let in a gang of hostile men dressed in all black. Even if they claimed to be the police! The homeowners should have pulled out their guns and taken advantage of those good old Texas gun laws allowing you to shoot on site anyone who’s threatening your home.

    Give us a link to send our emails to Dville city management, law enforcement, and state politicians. I can’t wait for this to go to the Supreme Court. Ironically, Dville is going to be F-CKED.

  15. East Texas Lady says:

    This is outrageous!These people are not hurting anyone…the police department should be out actually fighting crime instead of trying to get a sneak peek at what they are missing out on!

  16. Ken says:

    I can see where the neighbors are comming from, this probably is some what of a nuisance to them. I live a block away from a medium size church that has an adequate parking lot behind it. But every Wednesday and all day Sunday the older folks like to park in the street closer to the doors SOOOO now there are cars on both sides of the street with barely enough room for one to squeeze through! This is during the day on a high traffic street that connects to the Interstate! So yes, there is quite a bit of congestion in front of my house making it difficult to even get out of my own driveway! The CP on the other hand is in a residentual neighborhood and the traffic doesnt begin untill late in the evening. I am sure the neighbors have been pouring in complaints to the city of Duncanville and the Raid was an attempt to quell them! (Squeaky wheel gets the grease!) There is a right way and a wrong way to go about getting rid of a nuisance and THIS was the wrong way! The city has opened a can of worms here. It realy aggrivates me (and I am sure those involved) that the the city can justify doing whatever they feel necessary, no matter who’s rights are violated JUST because they think they are not only above the law but ARE the law! The Police are here to protect and serve it’s community. Who was served and protected from what here?

  17. MARTHA MONTRA says:

    The Cherry Pit needs to be shut down for ever. Married people don’t need to be having sex with other people. It is disgusting.

  18. nonya says:

    I have been going to the Cherry Pit for over 2 years now and this “informant” that has reported so much, 99% of what they said is not true. Which leads me to beleive that this Informant is either being paid or doing this in lei of other charges against them?
    I always look for the best in someone and believe everyone to be good and honest until they give me a reason not to. And never thought that the media would lie or exagerate things until this. Because I can see personally the trumped up accusations and crucifixion of the Cherry Pit and KNOW they aren’t true, just makes me wonder how much of what we see and hear by the media is also that way?
    What the general public does not realize is that the Cherry Pit is just one of many in the metroplex alone. And I would say the majority of the patrons are middle to upper class. I have met police, firemen, business men, nurses, school teachers, etc in attendance there. We are law abiding citizens that have a more open mind in our lifestyle and we don’t expect everyone to understand. It is not just about sex. It’s about so much more. And contrary to what the informant said, many of us do practice safe sex, although I didn’t think that was any business of anyone other than your partner. This place is not the seedy, disgusting, house of filth they make it out to be. I for one would never stay in anyone’s house for long if it were. And I am not looking to ever be arrested or go to jail, so if I personally thought anything illegal was going on there, I would never go back.
    Swingers instead, do abide by the laws for one as to not bring attention to ourselves. But because of the ongoing saga by Duncanville, it has brought our lifestyle to the front burner and we don’t beleive we should have to back down because we aren’t legally doing anything wrong. Many would say we are morally wrong. I say that is between each of us and our maker in the end. But morality has nothing to do with legality. And it seems that the general public confuses the two and tries to force the minority to do what the majority thinks is right according to them.
    Thank you for listening

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hosting a PRIVATE swingers group in your home is one thing. Running a sexually orientated business out of your home is another. The Cherry Pit is running a business and trying to disguise it as a private group of friends. To be “invited” to one of their parties, all you have to do is call and say “Hey, I wanna come.” You don’t have to know the host or any of the current attendees to go there. That is not a private club. Anybody and their brother can get in if they pay. And if you don’t donate you are not allowed to come back. (This particular tidbit came from someone that has been there.) The proprietors of the Cherry Pit are trying to use the right-to-privacy argument to cover up the fact that they are running an unliscensed, untaxed, unregulated business out of a home in a residential neighborhood. The government does NOT have the right to tell an individual what they can and cannot do in the privacy of there home, but the government does have right to regulate a business in the area that it governs. And the Cherry Pit is just that, a business. If someone wants to run a swingers club and charge people to get in, then that’s fine with me as long as they are operating as a liscensed business within the laws of whatever city, couty, or state they are in. But DO NOT try to pretend that you are not a business when you clearly are and DO NOT try and skirt the law by claiming that since you are not a business the government cannot interfere.

  20. nonya says:

    we have been plenty of times and we didn’t pay. I am never treated any different if I pay of not. whoever gave you that “tidbit” is wrong. those who come and don’t abide by the rules are the ones who aren’t allowed to come back.

  21. BOB says:

    Here is my two cents worth I have a law degree but no longer practice and actually run a swingers club in a nearby state(Part time). It seems that the Cherry Pit is being a bit niave to thing they can continue operating in a residentual area with a ordinance prihibiting it. Have they not serched for a commercial building and if so would this activity be allowed it it were in a commercial area? Interesting case however I think the Cherry Pit owners must be wanting to prove a point here. Common since is not being used here they are charging $50 donation I get that part if it were $10 it would seem more resonable in terms of expenses for a non-profit house party. The liquor charges will not hold up the liquor was brough in likely by the patrons and they (cherry pit) did not serve the booze. I am all for the lifestyle and peoples choice to have sex with who they choose. Did the DPD check out some of they neighbors children may be mowing yards for money and not reporting it. Gheeee

  22. D says:

    To those of you who continually say that the location is the only problem, please understand that these parties could only exist in a private home. It’s the only protection the Lifestyle has. If the party was moved to a commercial area, do you think a business license would be approved? No way. Plus now instead of consenting adults enjoying sex with other consenting adults, it becomes prostitution, because it’s happening in a business. We in the Lifestyle are all just friends, some new friends, some long-time friends, who enjoy each other’s company. As for the fears that sexual predators will frequent a party like this, there is absolutely NO evidence to that effect. However, if you are searching out pedophiles, check with the local Catholic Church, a tax-exempt entity with one of the highest instances of sex abusers being not just tolerated, but protected. The Catholic Church hides pedophiles as a routine matter, with any evidence against them buried or destroyed. Lifestylers are NOT interested in molesting children, just in some good adult fun. These parties are just like any other fun party, except if you hit it off with someone, you can (with your partner’s permission and without guilt) enjoy that person sexually to whatever degree you mutually decide is comfortable. My husband and I find that our marriage functions best in a non-traditional style of interpersonal relationships and the friends we have made in the Lifestyle are the best and dearest friends of our entire lives. A person who has not experienced it will probably not understand, but this Lifestyle saved both our marriage of over 20 years and our sanity, and I assure you we will fight for it and for our freedoms. Any and all objections to the Lifestyle are based solely on religious tenets and therefore cannot be constitutional. We, the members of this sexual minority, are going to have to stage a new version of Stonewall. We will not allow this persecution to prevail.

  23. D says:

    To those of you who continually say that the location is the only problem, please understand that these parties could only exist in a private home. It’s the only protection the Lifestyle has. If the party was moved to a commercial area, do you think a business license would be approved? No way. Plus now instead of consenting adults enjoying sex with other consenting adults, it becomes prostitution, because it’s happening in a business. We in the Lifestyle are all just friends, some new friends, some long-time friends, who enjoy each other’s company. As for the fears that sexual predators will frequent a party like this, there is absolutely NO evidence to that effect. However, if you are searching out pedophiles, check with the local Catholic Church, a tax-exempt entity with one of the highest instances of sex abusers being not just tolerated, but protected. The Catholic Church hides pedophiles as a routine matter, with any evidence against them buried or destroyed. Lifestylers are NOT interested in molesting children, just in some good adult fun. These parties are just like any other fun party, except if you hit it off with someone, you can (with your partner’s permission and without guilt) enjoy that person sexually to whatever degree you mutually decide is comfortable. My husband and I find that our marriage functions best in a non-traditional style of interpersonal relationships and the friends we have made in the Lifestyle are the best and dearest friends of our entire lives. A person who has not experienced it will probably not understand, but this Lifestyle saved both our marriage of over 20 years and our sanity, and I assure you we will fight for it and for our freedoms. Any and all objections to the Lifestyle are based solely on religious tenets and therefore cannot be constitutional. We, the members of this sexual minority, are going to have to stage a new version of Stonewall. We will not allow this persecution to prevail.

  24. Graham Shevlin says:

    “The Cherry Pit needs to be shut down for ever. Married people don’t need to be having sex with other people. It is disgusting.”

    Well, thankyou Martha, but one of the principles of living in a free country is that you have the right to engage in any activity not prohibited by law within a private residence. Having sex with anybody is not illegal, and frankly, it is none of your damned business what people get up to in private residences. Just because you think something is evil does not mean that it gets to be made illegal.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dville officials need to have sex and then they will understand why we like to have it.

  26. Heather D says:

    I attended the Cherry Pit for the first time a few months ago with a friend (female). Everyone welcomed me in, we talked for hours,listened to music and danced. I did not witness anything illeagal nor PROSTUTION. I did not feel obligated to have sex or perform sex to anyone. It was just like a typical gathering to make new friends with the same interests. Just like if you go to the bowling alley and meet new freinds that like to bowl. Being from Louisiana and not being able to go to the cherry pit often. I would gladly visit the Cherry Pit next time I return to TX. Jim and others made me feel right at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Clay Parker says:

    Tipping at the 13th Floor? Never in the six years I’ve been going there.

  28. Kevin Addams says:

    I’m all for the pursuit of lifestyle happiness as long as it is discreet and private. The Cherry Pit had plenty of chances to get out from under Duncanville’s microscope, but they chose to buck the system and rock the boat. I feel for the guests, but am of the opinion that the proprietors got what they deserved.

  29. Graham Shevlin says:

    Whilst I tend to agree that the Cherry Pit would probably not be under the microscope if it were in a remote unincorporated area in the countryside, we have to look beyond simplistic statements like “got what they deserved”. Either they are breaking the law or they are not. If they are not breaking the law, then the city is engaging in egregious harrassment, and that should be of concern to anybody who owns a property in the city. Not only are they engaging in overreach, they are wasting city and police resources. It has taken the City nearly a year to come up with a list of citations, which does not fill me with confidence that they have any kind of strong case. Based on what I know about the Cherry Pit, most of those citations are a try-on and will be dismissed in short order if they get into a courtroom.

  30. MCD says:

    ALL of the things reported against the Cherry Pit are inaccurate or exaggerated. Almost all of the “shocking details” are slanted and biased to seem lurid and unsavory. Condoms! Panties! Alcohol! All legal, people. But reported as if they were a felony in and of themselves.

    “Hundreds of bottles of alcohol were found today in a Highland Park Wine Cellar” doesn’t have quite the same shock value. Guns are still legal for homeowners as well. Sex is still legal for consenting adults to have in a private home.

    The “informant” who is being quoted but not named may have an ax to grind, or may be someone who is facing some sort of criminal charges and is making a deal in exchange for “information” the city can use to get rid of a house it finds embarrassing. Would the court of public opinion believe someone less if it knew the informant was not a trustworthy individual, but instead someone trying to wiggle out of their own felony charges?

    The fact is, most Duncanville residents would never know this place existed if it weren’t for the ridiculous trumpeting of biased reporting and city officials’ electoral panic.

    Equally true is that the laws Duncanville claims that Jim Trulock and Julie Norris are breaking are laws Duncanville recently made up to apply solely to Jim and Julie’s home.

    The NO PARKING zone on their street begins at their property line and ends at the end of their lot. No one else’s house has No Parking signs in front of them. And the press took pictures of a blocked street jammed with cars, all of which belonged to other neighbors, not guests at Jim and Julie’s house.

    I have never been a guest at their home, but I do have friends who went to several parties. These people NEVER would attend a party that was as dirty, unsanitary, or seedy as these reports are making the house parties out to be. These friends are good people, the best, and they are upper middle class professionals who are extremely conscientious of health and safety concerns. SWAT teams? Seriously. Think it through and don’t believe everything you read.

  31. nonya says:

    for those of you who are hell bent against the Cherry Pit, why not check out the web site swinglifestyle dot com. there are ON premise clubs all over the metroplex, all in private residences. Silver Minx in Hutchins. The 13th Floor and Velvet Curtain in Dallas. La Maison Joue in McKinney. Then you have OFF premise swing clubs, some of which have VIP rooms where they still are having sex, like the After Midnight Club in Euless and Iniquity in Dallas. Closing the Cherry Pit does NOT solve the prolem or make us go away. We have a legal right to do what we want with other consenting adults and we can even choose to use protection or not. I think Duncanville along with the rest of the metrolplex has more important things to worry about. What are they going to do next? Build gallows and hang us all? Or burn us at the stake? oh and for the record, why not ask the Duncanville police why when they busted in to execute the original search warrant, that when a fellow officer who was in attendance went over and whispered in their ear, they let him walk, no questions asked? hummmmm, discrimination??? Funny, that part was left out of all the news stories.

  32. Star says:

    What is the City of Duncanville doing to it’s citizens? This Cherry Pit may indeed be breaking some laws, but what real laws? The city starts by putting “No Parking” signs every 100 feet. Then they draft an ordinance that voters pass banning Sex Businesses with City Limits (as most of the city is full of holy rollers-I know, I grew up there). They bust the down the door (not knocking) last winter, and chase everyone off that turns into a lawsuit against the City by the Founders of the Pit, and everyone thought the Swingers were banished from the Earth (as dictated in the Duncanville version of Bible, or so they thought… In the last several months, things are getting hot and nasty again at the Cherry Pit. How stupid are these Swingers, one must ask? The Police raid the place two more times (knocking down two different doors). One to confiscate these guns? And then the alcohol with the TABC. Then charges are brought about Prostitution and Money Laundering. I wonder what charges will come up next if none of these charges stick? It all ready looks like discrimination, and harassment (not a secret criminal organization). Even though the city has passed this highly questionable ordinance that sounds good on paper, if the City loses it appeal that this a functional sex business, it will end in major lawsuit that might just make it to the Supreme Court.

    Let’s see, if proved otherwise a Club for Swingers, and not a business, the City and the Police have only broke the Fourth (search and seizure), but the Second Amendment (right to own guns) of the Constitution. While single-handedly bringing back the Eighteenth Amendment on Prohibition, that was repealed many years ago.

    Let’s take this a step further, these Swingers locate within the Bible-Belt of Southwest Dallas. Then just happen to put this club (or Business) right smack dab in the middle of a nice neighborhood, at the bottom of the hill, so all surrounding houses just full of these Militia-grade Bible-Beaters live, and not only stir up trouble once, but three times appearently to keep the wasp nest all stirred up. Now look at the City of Duncanville, made up a lot of non-citizen people, just short of the Council. If there was anyway to stir up a major lawsuit with perfect storm precision that may result in millions of dollars in taxpayers dollars going to these Swingers in the form of lost lawsuits, it almost looks like a set up for all it worth.

    I don’t think the city officials are directly involved, but I do believe there is a connection “Mutual Friends,” within the network as I have heard several hundred attend these parties. There is just bound to be some connections.

    After the dust settles, the Swingers will move on to quieter places after they can afford Ferrari’s, along with their friend’s network, and the only people who will loose is the taxpayers who feel like this is all a great idea to stop all this nasty club (or Business) and drive these morally egregious abominations out of their city, being these gullible servants of God.

    I would not put it past Duncanville because they have a long sorted past of just this type of activity. The network got mad about a gas station that was started by a won sexual harassment case at a local big corporation. This network started to press rumors that this gas station then, was going to sell guns and liquor to minors once they open the gas station. I heard this rumor from many, including from some old-timers to the area. It was total scare tactics.

    Then a Tattoo shop opened up right on Main Street before the City was unable to tell it NO with their current laws. The Police harassed this owner nearly nightly to make sure all those in the business were of age, and quite ironically I headed the owner was a former Duncanville Police Officer.

    Then there was a racist policy of driving the Blacks off from the late 1970’s, up until the late 1980’s when they lost the battle so to speak when vast real estate companies who got caught in discrimination lawsuits, and then it was found that the Duncanville Police ran a border on the most northern side of the City to keep all the blacks out during this time as the City was a “White Flight” city during the 1950’s and 1960’s from Oak Cliff and South Dallas. DART, the Dallas Busing and Light Rail was barred from coming in (although the Buses go though the city to Serve the most western side of the city, that again is on the Dallas side of that border, and not until some “Greedy” developers built apartments on the east side of the city on the Dallas border that filled up with Blacks. The City had a handle on these criminal laden blacks. I grew up during these ages, and remember the coffee shop conversations.

    The City and Police might just be a morally charged to fight these swingers (by power of the voters), but they appear to be highly questionable. If prostitution and crime was the real issue, why was it after all these sideway maneuvers of technicalities like no parking signs? The Police never resort to these tactics when they are doing a drug bust? I think there is more corruptions that needs to be explored.

  33. Jimmy says:

    Hey there… I volunteer to tend bar at the 13th floor, all the bartenders do… I only have one question… who stole the tip jar??? I don’t remember ever having seen one… for that matter, I know for a fact there isn’t one because I volunteer to tend bar… 😛 duh. as a matter of fact, I have turned down tips, since it is not a business venture, I just enjoy meeting people that way! those of you on a witch hunt, and those of you that are willing to propogate it, really need to get your facts straight before you try to burn us at the stake… it sure would suck if someone you knew personally and cared about was one of these “heathens” that you are so bent out of shape about… it’s so sad that there are adults out that there are so frightened of different types of people. I feel for y’all, I really do 🙁
    oh well, on with the party!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!:D

  34. nonya says:

    High 5 Jimmy. regardless of what the news portrays, the Cherry Pit is still open and very much alive.

  35. trojan says:

    lets see now, all of the above about how bad and evil it is there. all of the miscreants that co-habitate there. mmmmmmmmmm
    all the crime brought into the area, man it must be bad parking that drives em nuts and all…
    this is a comedy of errors made by a neighbor[?]and his pals on the city payroll. who’s gonna pay for all of this?

    the people that i have met there, yes i attend with my spouse, most are like what you would find at a backyard potluck party. everyday people, who just happen to enjoy sex and sharing their views with one another. in over two years i have seen no instance of crime, no drunks out of control[ like in the local taverns]no assualts on people. i have seen people evicted for racial slurs, slurs about a persons size and persuasion or preference…

    but i digress, its time for the powers that be to openly concede defeat by people that adhere to their own rules of privacy, social mores notwithstanding. its laughable at the keystone kop antics, but not where people are frightened for no reason other than they were there, detained against heir will, had property withheld and sereached repeatedly for what?

    this is the way america is run? or is d’ville a separate entity of the jim crow era>?


  36. Duncanville is merely a city where the elected representatives know a good cause when they see one. They see a situation that can be framed as “law-abiding people act to prevent the perpetuation of depravity and nastiness”. That is all of the rationale that they need to continue on their current intellectually dishonest campaign of overreach and harrassment.

  37. Popeye says:

    You can’t even compare this to 13th floor. they are in a business location, not a suburban setting. Besides, they are down the street from Commissioner Dickey’s office, so I’m sure they are well protected

  38. Mike & Deena says:

    Just wish to point out some things too all reading.
    One thing I need to say is that we have nothing against the 13th floor. At one time we went there.
    Those of you that have been to the Cherry Pit know how it is. My wife and I have been going to the Cherry Pit for just over a year, we go every weekend. We were there when the news first started reporting about the Cherry Pit. We were also there when the city busted in. This is nothing more then the city trying to run Jim and Julie out of town. It appears that they can’t win in court. So now they have to try to scare tactics to try and run off partiers. If they are able to run everyone off Jim can’t fight. The CODES that the city made up do not get challenged and then other cities will use the same codes to shut down other party houses. Yes folks follow me on this and think about it hard.
    1) If Duncanville wins and the code stands unchallenged.
    2) What county is Duncanville in? It’s in DALLAS County.
    3) What County is the 13th floor in? It’s in DALLAS County.
    I know for a fact that Dallas, along with other Cities, are watching Duncanville to see how this moves. I will bet on what will happen to the 13th floor or ANYOTHER party houses if Duncanville wins.
    Not only swingers but anyone with a different lifestyle needs to stand up and say we have had enough.
    This code that the City of Duncanville has made up and is using is dangerous too all not just swingers. This code can affect BDSM lifestyle and other lifestyles.
    All we are trying to do is have a place to go and have fun with friends so please think about this hard.
    We also want to thank all those that are with the Cherry Pit on this fight you all know who you are.

  39. PitMaster says:

    I recently asked a question about this on another board & have received no response. So I will ask it here.

    If someone down the street was holding SM/BD Parties with anyone & everyone that wanted to show up. Also they had recently won the lottery. So they did not ask for donations, admission or anything else. What do you think would happen…….I think they would be pursued, harrased & everything else the same. While the city wants to say it isnt trying to regulate private sexual relations, their actions speak louder.

    Also I guess the has been no RAPES, MURDERS, ASSAULTS or ROBBERIES in Duncanville as of late. Why else would they spend so much energy & Tax dollars trying to fight this. As a Citizen I want my City & Police to fight those crimes, not let them play RAMBO by busting in doors to private homes so they can get their Sex Jollies hoping to catch people doing things.

    If you live in Duncanville, please let your Mayor & Elected Officals know how you feel about all of this. And let them know also how that will affect you when you go to VOTE next time. Remember, they work for you. And you can FIRE them at the next election !!!!

  40. Jimmy says:

    Hey everyone, I hope no one took my comments about the 13th floor the wrong way… I am a bit protective of the place I like to go to, but I am not saying I don’t support the cause or don’t understand the ramifications of what would happen if things are to continue the way they are going… I COMPLETELY support the stand for our rights regardless of where the location is. This isn’t about one place versus another, if anything, we need to stand together, unified against the “powers that be” to let them know that we won’t tolerate their BS… I just want to know if there is a place big enough in Dville where we can hold a national swingers convention 😀

  41. Well, now the City of McKinney has gotten busy and has allegedly closed down another “sex club” – http://cbs11tv.com/slideshows/McKinney.swingers.club.20.785205.html?rid=5
    All good publicity for law enforcement in this election year…

  42. It's Me says:

    too bad it wasn’t the Silver Minx in Hutchins, Tx instead

  43. Graham Shevlin says:

    why “too bad”?

  44. Mike & Deena says:

    Now see how ironic this is I told you that others would be next. The bad thing is that this place did not stand up and hold their ground instead of standing up for their rights they folded. I don’t know what the letter stated but this is just going on what the news reports. You can not tell me the city of McKinney dose not let groups or clubs meet in residential areas.
    Hummmm what about the boy scouts/girl scouts or book clubs that hold meetings ya right tell me another story this was about SEX. And I did read that one neighbor state that he/she was afraid of their kids seeing the acts.
    Hummmm I read their charter/party rules it stats that ALL ATENDERS must show up between 9PM and 11PM. So you are going to tell me your kids are out walking around the streets or peeking in the neighbor’s windows LOL please give me a brake. There is one thing that I did notice that was not a good thing for them they defiantly would be clogging up the street but with only 20 attending and I would think most of them where couples that would be 2 to a car that’s only 10 cars. Now with all this showing up what party house will be next. Hummm silver minx, the 13th floor, Behind Closed Doors Texas, Dallas Elite house party club, do I need to keep going.
    When are we going to stand up and unite? United we stand divided we fall. Jim(at the cherry Pit) has taken the first steep don’t you think its about time to get behind him and help.

    Save the lifestyle and stand up for your rights.

  45. Jimmy says:

    well then… I started saying this as a joke, but the more I think about it, the more I think it might be a good idea… Who’s up for a national swingers convention hosted here? I have friends in several states, as I am sure everyone does, that would probably be interested in showing their support. This will affect everyone in the country if it is allowed to continue. It doesn’t have to be only swingers either… I’m thinking it should be opened to every single “alternative” lifestyle that has an interest in preserving their rights. hmmm… I’ll bet we could get several THOUSAND people, if not more, here to show support. Maybe the people that are so frightened of people that are honest, open and enjoy their sexuality would be able to see that THEY are the minority here… I know for a fact that every one of my “Vanilla” friends that have either found out or I have told have been very curious to know the truth. You see, I am not a derilect, a pervert, a social deviant, criminal, ignorant, without spiritualism, heinous, or even slightly morally corrupt and ALL my friends know this about me. They value my advice on relationships, spirituality, INTEGRITY and most of all the amount of LOVE that I share with everyone. I do NOT share my bed with everyone though and neither do any of the other freinds I have made in the lifestyle.

    For all of you that claim Christian values as the reason for your animosity, let me ask you this; Isn’t it a Christian value to not judge? That alone is left to God? Didn’t Christ himself preach Love instead of fear? Ask yourself this; Am I coming from a place of Love or Fear? I think if you were to take a moment and just look at the human being that you are judging, you will find that they are deserving of that same kind of Love.

    I will say this one last thing here; I forgive you and I Love you, even though you don’t believe in the way of Christ, I know he believes in you.

  46. Lisa says:

    The crux of the city’s case is that this a business operating in a residential neighborhood. Thank God they had zoning regulations to rely on. I’d like to ask the city of Houston how they intend to close down “swinger clubs”. It’s absolutely ridiculous to try to govern morality. But, hey, why not repeat history, right? We’ve been there before during prohibition. In Texas it was only recently that sodomy laws were repealed.

    I guarantee you we will continue to see “new and improved” allegations as this saga continues because there was nothing solid enough to make a case initially. I’ve heard people say that the owners brought this on themselves. I suppose they did, by exercising their civil rights to have parties in their home and to participate in whatever activities they wanted to inside that private residence.

    Don’t tell me that the same complaints that are being presented about these swinger parties are being lodged against non-swinger gatherings. It IS about sex, controlling who has it and where, and trying to manipulate a judge into labeling a home a business so they can get their noses further into selected individuals’ private business.

    I don’t believe this issue is going away. I think the war has just begun, and I encourage everyone (swingers or not) to invest some time really figuring out what all the fuss is about and making cautious judgments about what “side” to support. I keep thinking about the adage “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.” How many of your currently afforded rights are you prepared to give up before you speak up?

  47. Mike & Deena says:

    Tis is taken off Duncanville’s website under the city code
    Chapter 11B SEX CLUB REGULATIONS Sec. 11B-5. Definitions.
    Sex club: Any premises, person or organization that is presented, advertised, held out or styled as, or which provides notification to the public that it is a swinger’s club; an adult encounter group or center; a sexual encounter group or center; party house or home; wife, spouse or partner-swapping club; or that it provides permission, an opportunity or an invitation to engage in or to view sexual activity, stimulation or gratification, whether for consideration or not.
    So who is this pointed at? sounds like if you are a swinger you cant live in this town and own a home and have friends over.

  48. Kim Possible says:

    for those who agree that we need to stand up and fight to keep our personal freedom, take a moment to go to the cherry pit (dot org) website and donate to the legal defense fund.

  49. PitMaster says:

    Everyone, please remember the CherryPit group is not just a Private
    House Party, but we are a Swingers Group of Friends that have been
    gathering now for over 15 years.

    While the Draconian methods employed by our Dictating Government is
    trying to drive us more & more underground (I guess the same way they
    drove the Jews & Christians underground back in the Biblical times.
    And the way the Nazi’s drove the Jews underground in WW II) We need to
    show them that we are UNITED & STRONG. We will meet in PUBLIC places
    to share our Friendship, Fellowship & everything else that they say
    they enjoy doing, but I guess we are not allowed to do.

    We have to show them that we are just like every other CITIZEN that
    pays Taxes (and ultimately their Salary) and VOTES in elections. We
    expect them to PROTECT & RESPECT our Freedoms & Choices to Worship,
    Socialize and gather without harrasement or fear of persecution. So
    come out & Join us on Fridays to Socialize in public where we show
    them they can not stop us from gathering & socializing together

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