DEA Makes Huge Steroids Bust- Who Cares?

The DEA continues their consensual crime crusade. This time they made 120 arrests in an “illegal” steroid investigation.

Who cares if adults use steroids? Is it wrong only because it is illegal? Is that the moral justification to ruin lives with incarceration?

A fellow Texas Tech law grad, Karen Tandy, runs the DEA. Watch her try and justify this “bust” by pointing out externalities that are caused by Prohibition.

“Today we reveal the truth behind the underground steroid market: dangerous drugs cooked up all too often in filthy conditions with no regard to safety, giving Americans who purchase them the ultimate raw deal,” DEA Administrator Karen Tandy said in a statement.
Authorities made arrests .

If you want to use steroids that is fine. I have no reason to object to your steroid use. I am upset about Barry Bonds ruining baseball, but only because he lies about it. Therefore, I do not watch any Giant’s games. I boycott Barry Bonds instead of calling for the federal government to arrest him.

Athlete’s bodies are just a tool they use for work, like my copier/scanner/fax. If they need steroids and want to assume that risk, let them.


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    You’re right, who the eff cares about steroids. The US government cracks me up…Steroid busts all over the place, meanwhile they allow cigarettes to stay on the market….Its all about the money. If the feds were getting tax dollars off these steroids, you wouldn’t hear a peep.

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