Dallas SWAT- My Bad Wrong House

I recently filed an open records request with the city of Dallas. I asked for “information on how often, if ever, the Dallas SWAT team or Dallas Police, has entered the wrong house while serving a warrant.” I asked for all incidents since 2002.

Today I received my response from Lieutenant Danny Williams. Mr. Williams reports that there have been two such incidents in the last 5 years. Both are within the last 12 months. Mr. Williams forwarded one Offense Report which is sparse on details.
Mr. Williams job title caught my attention. Mr. Williams is a police officer for the city of Dallas. Yet he works for the “Homeland Security and Special Operations Division.”

Homeland security? The transition from peace officers to law enforcement is complete when we give our police millitary gear and adopt war on terror rhetoric. I wonder if Dallas SWAT believes they are “protecting the homeland” when they go on poker raids?

The offense report is an interesting, albeit brief, read. The police entered the wrong house, and an 80 year old female resident experienced “breathing problems” as a result. At least she was not shot and killed like Kathyrn Johnson or Tarika Wilson.
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    I wonder what would be the legal effect of the newly enacted Castle Doctrine if a homeowner shot & killed an officer effecting a no-knock warrant? These things are a tragedy all the way around.

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    Speaking of militarizing Police, did you notice that the report has a “Property Attack Code”. Why do the Police need to attack anything.

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    A property attack code 501 is a door that’s been either kicked or knocked in. The different codes describe how the property itself was damaged. And a 501 usually means the door has to be replaced.

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