Dallas Police/TABC- Tax Dollars for Lap Dances and Beer


I recently filed an open records request seeking information on undercover TABC activity at strip clubs. I asked for information on all such operations in Dallas County. Not be left out of wasting tax dollars, the Dallas Police also conduct undercover strip club operations.
I received a large stack of papers and CD with more documents. After a quick glance here are some observations.

Purchase of Evidence

TABC spends a lot of tax money on beer and lapdances. They document this waste on “purchase of evidence” reports.
Here is a POE report from Dallas for two weeks in May. It shows no less than 9 lapdances and 14 beers purchased in two days! This undercover work appears to be more of a government subsidy for strip clubs than actual law enforcement.

Keeping You Safe From….?
According to Wikipedia, Dallas had the highest violent crime rate in the US from 1999-2005. Dallas has over 700 unsolved murder dating back to 1990. Where should Dallas Police spend their time? At Strip Clubs!!!
Let’s look at a Dallas Police Department undercover investigation of “Lipstick” a club on Harry Hines. This investigation took place between August and November 07. What dangerous criminal activitiy did DPD uncover?
Solicitation of Drinks- Allegedly, employees at Lipsticks asked the undercover officers to buy them drinks. Texas has a law forbidding bar employees from soliciting drinks. It is good to see that Dallas Police are tackling this threat head on.
Permitting Public Lewdness- Allegedly, the “VIP” section of Lipstick was a hot bed of “lewd” activity. However, the undercover cops do not really tell us what is going. Here is an example-

“The suspect… violated state public lewdness statutes by making unlawful
sexual contact with the undercover officer.”

Not a lot of details on this “unlawful sexual contact”. I can only imagine the danger this officer must have faced.
It seems as though Texas’ ban on commercial sex has not eliminated the demand. No suprise there. Prohibition never eliminates demand, it only changes who the suppliers are. However, is the threat so great we must turn cops into tricks/Johns?
From the Incident Report-

Undercover Officer- “What can I get for a $100? Can I get a f— and a b— j–?”

What can “I” get? These are tax dollars. This officer should be asking what can “we” get.

A Better Solution
If you are concerned about prostitution, unlawful solicitation of drinks, or public lewdness at strip clubs I have a suggestion- Don’t go to a strip club. If this officer had not solicited sexual services there would not have been any crime. Even if he did there would not be any victim.

Consensual crime enforcement makes us all less safe.

Opportunity costs are real. Officers who are getting lap dances are not investigating robberies, murders etc.


2 responses to “Dallas Police/TABC- Tax Dollars for Lap Dances and Beer”

  1. <img src="http://www.blogge says:

    Way to go DPD!Don’t worry about crime in my neighborhood. Please don’t worry about the fact that my car got broken into twice. Don’t worry about the guy who stole my best friends identity…and tracked him down himself only to be told by DPD that they’re much too busy to deal with his problems.It’s more important to be hanging out at the stripclubs getting lapdances…and as I’m sure…hammered in the process.It just goes to show how misalligned the priorities of our police department are. They ought to be ashamed…but they’re not.

  2. Urain Edeought says:

    You people are idiots, the next time a drunk tries to drive away in a car and a T.A.B.C. agent is there and does nothing you will crucify him for not interacting with patrons. how about the lives they pro-actively save?

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