Dallas Police vs. Latino Nightclub Bouncers

Dallas Police teamed up with federal ICE agents to raid Latino nightclubs over the weekend. 50 illegal immigrants were arrested. It is unclear if any had a record. 4 guns were recovered.

What were these illegal immigrants doing that posed such a threat to Dallasites? Working… as security guards… at nightclubs. Hit the xeno panic alarm!! Mexicans are coming to take our bouncer jobs!! Mr. Watkins proudly sums up the operation with this quote-
“Hopefully, this operation will help us send a message that we will not tolerate the falsification of documents for undocumented aliens under the guise of providing security,” Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins said.

Of all the messages government tries to send that has to be one of the most confusing. The real message seems to be even “progressive” politicians will seek PR stunt victories over the politically powerless.

Craig, here is a message from Wikipedia. Dallas ranks number 1 for violent crime among large US cities. I doubt that illegal immigrant bouncer raids are going to reverse that trend.

A lot of good things have come out of the Craig Watkins administration. From innocence projects to smart on crime tactics his tenure has a been a welcome change. Is it troubling to see Mr. Watkins on board with the current xeno hysteria.

On a side note- I believe that free trade is a plus for society. Goods and labor should not be artificially impeded by government. Immigration is only a problem because our federal government created an artificial barrier. The fear of illegal immigration is great for ratings and votes. However, we betray our own country’s heritage when we deny opportunity and freedom to immigrants.


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  1. Michael in LH says:

    My favorite line in the DMN story: Authorities recovered four pistols. Federal law prohibits illegal immigrants from possessing firearms. Seems kind of redundant. If they are illegal, isn’t pretty much everything they do here illegal?

    I feel safer already!

  2. Robert Guest says:

    Great insight. Whenver federal goons enforce victimless crime laws they are always happy to find guns. They feel it justifies their efforts.
    “It’s not that they were illegal, they had GUNS, and JOBS AT NIGHTCLUBS!!”

  3. Where does it say in the Second Amendment “except people who come here in violation of some bureaucratic red tape?”
    If anything illegals have less protection from the cops and are more likely to be preyed on by real criminals, since they deal so often in cash from their work. They need to have guns as much or more than the average person.

    What is it about their immigration status that obviates their natural, inherent right to self-defense and the right to own the means to enforce it?

  4. Reggie Jefferson says:

    So, in your mind, at what level should law enforcement start arresting illegal aliens for crimes?


    You really should know better.

  5. Robert Guest says:

    You actually agree with my premise. Illegals should only be arrested for crimes with a victim.

    The mere fact someone is “illegal” should not lead to arrest. The problem with forged documents is merely an externality of our failed immigration system. It is not a compelling reason to deport bouncers.

    In short, we should only arrest illegals, or legals, for malum in se crimes.

  6. Reggie Jefferson says:

    Why did you not post my response?

  7. Robert Guest says:

    I have never received your response. Please try posting it again. If that does not work feel free to email it to me and I will post it myself.

    Thanks for reading, your comments are greatly appreciated.


  8. Reggie Jefferson says:

    1) This is NOT a victimless crime. Every taxpayer is a victim. Hospitals have closed due to financial strain put upon them by illegals. This is a fact. The now unemployed workers at such hospitals are victims. As the Washington Examiner reported last week, Prince William County, VA public schools reported over 600 ESL students left the system following that county’s crackdown on illegal aliens. This reduction of students would equate to a roughly $8 million reduction in expenses for the school system alone. Similar scenarios can be found throughout the social services system. Somebody has to foot the bill, it’s either taxpayers or the federal government. We are all victims!

    2) You ask what those arrested in the raids were doing so wrong. It turns out that most of them are suspected drug cartel members. There are many illegals here in the U.S. that are known/convicted child molesters, rapists, murderers, etc. WHY would anyone in their right mind not want these people off our streets? Look at the Jamiel Shaw killing in LA. It was preventable. Being politically correct and people being afraid to step on toes is killing America.

    3) “However, we betray our own country’s heritage when we deny opportunity and freedom to immigrants.” – Your quote. Can we take in every human being in the world that wants a better opportunity? How about half of them? How about 10%? Not even close. So, we need rules for immigration and enforcement of these rules. Take a look back at the immigration policies of U.S. over our history. They were MUCH more stringent up until 1965.

  9. Robert Guest says:

    1) On victimless crime- I can hardly blame illegals for the failures of collecitivism. What is the difference between giving free health care away to Americans, and Mexicans living in America?

    Hospitals go out of business because of government policy. Not because of illegal immigrants.

    We are not all victims of illegal immigration. Rather, we are all victims of collectivism.

    2) Illegal immigration does not cause drug cartels, Prohibition does. As for violent crimes/child molesters etc. Those are laws we should enforce. Instead of arresting every illegal immigrant, we should focus on arresting all violent offenders regardless of nationality. Think of all the criminal justice resources we waste rounding up illegals who just want to work here.

    3) Immigration is only a problem because of the welfare state and xenophobia. I reject collectivism and wish to welcome all peaceful immigrants to our country. The fact that immigration law was stricter before 1965 means nothing to me.

    Reggie, there is no moral authority behind immigration law. Breaking federal immigration law does not make one unworthy of living in America. Our federal government answers to those who bribe it best. If you have any argument, it is against socialism, not immigration.

  10. craig says:

    actually, Reggie, if you take the world population as being 6.6 billion and the land mass of the USA as 9166601 squarekm, then if you let everyone in the world move to the USA there would be a population density of about 720 people per square km. That’s pretty crowded, but it would only make you the thirteenth most crowded place on the planet by todays population density. That’s slightly more crowded than Barbados or Taiwan, but less than the Channel islands or Bangladesh. I’ve been to the Channel islands, and they are lovely – theres even room to go for a picnic if you want. Anyway, that’s only if everybody in the entire world moved to the USA, and you were only talking about letting in the people who want a better opportunity. Lots of people are perfectly happy where they are right now, so yes in fact, you can take in everyone who wants a better opportunity. That’s what America is for – unless you think that only poor white europeans deserve a fresh start in a better country…

  11. Mathew says:

    A lot of Polish illegal immigrants come to Polish nightclubs in Chicago. I am not just saying this, I know for a fact. How can I induce Chicago authorities to take action?

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