Dallas Police Ticket Scandal- 3 Fired

The Dallas Police Ticket Scandal finally reached a conclusion with the firing of three officers and the suspension of one. The officers wrote false information on tickets. These tickets turned into warrants which led to the arrest of innocent defendants.

What was the police officer’s defense? Those falsely arrested were poor.

“None of these charges merit termination at all,” {Attorney] David Schiller said. “These are excellent officers who were out there every day working with the lowest common denominator … in an area that needed enforcement.”

My question- Why are no criminal charges being pursued? If we know the police filed false government documents they should be prosecuted. Craig Watkins could do a lot worse than spend time prosecuting corrupt police.

This is why we need the right to privacy, the right to not be stopped without cause, or the right to not be arrested on Class C misdemeanors- because without freedom we have no protection against government criminals.


3 responses to “Dallas Police Ticket Scandal- 3 Fired”

  1. Dennis says:

    Was this not the three officers that were reported by the rookie policewoman in D magazine? I believe she was fired for reporting these crooked cops. I wonder if she has been reinstated.

  2. Shanna Lopez says:

    Yes, they are the same officers. No, I was not reinstated. IAD initially contacted me after the D Magazine article was published in June 2007. Trey Garrison did an incredible job. He worked for approx. 7 months investigating my allegations and researching public records. My interview with IAD lasted over 6 hrs. A few months later, DPD and the City offered me a “reapplication agreement.” I signed the agreement in October 2007. I passed the physical fitness test and I passed the polygraph (which did cover ALL the details relating to my allegations and the retaliation by my supervisors). Ironically, the same day DPD terminated the officers I was informed that I did not pass the background check (no reason given). I requested my public records, which I just received. The documents are amazing! The new documents clearly demonstrate a logical pattern of corruption and retaliation. I now understand why every officer I named in the D magazine story has either retired, transferred, been disciplined or was terminated.

  3. corruption, retaliation, harassment, stalking, blackballing, slander, etc., along with modern day devices of surveillance.
    It hasn’t stopped.

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