Dallas Police Chopper vs. Orange Streaker!

The militarization of our police force is complete. Dallas Police are using a freakin’ helicopter to find an orange painted streaker on Katy Trail.

A few questions-
1. How hard is it to catch someone who is a) naked and b) painted orange! Maybe if cops weren’t so busy meeting their daily ticket quota they could spend more time patrolling Katy trail.

2. How much do you think this costs in fuel alone? What’s next, using the chopper if kids are toilet papering a house? This was some weird exhibitionist stunt, not a terror attack. There should be evidence of some threat to public safety before we fire up the DPD copter.

Let’s see DPD keeps a straight face explaining their overreaction.
Oh, wait, they already did.

Dallas police expressed concern over the incident. “This is very offensive and something that is not funny, not funny at all,” Senior Cpl. Janice Crowther told KXAS-TV.

I have to disagree. This is high comedy. Maybe Sascha Cohen doing a bit on Katy trail. I’m worried Senior Cpl. Crowther can’t find the humor in her occupation. Here is a clip just for her.

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One response to “Dallas Police Chopper vs. Orange Streaker!”

  1. Joe says:

    Well, if they have the helicopter and have nothing else to use it for, why not? Yes, it’s expensive to use, but it was also expensive to purchase and better to at least get some use out of it.

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