Dallas Law Office Search- What do clients want in a law office?

Dallas Law Office Update-
I am looking for law office space in Dallas. I’ve been focusing on Uptown. The Crescent has a great facility with many flexible options and I am considering an office there. I should make a decision by the end of March. This experience has got me thinking about what a law office does.

Attorney Needs-
From an attorney standpoint a law office has two functions- convenience (getting work done), or presence (advertising).

My office in Kaufman has both. Being on the courthouse square is a convenience I can not understate. It is a great place to work and easy for clients to locate (take 175 East, exit Highway 243).My name outside is seen by those leaving the courthouse and those driving by.

The Dallas criminal courts are on Industrial Boulevard. Industrial has a wide selection of liquor stores, but not much in the way of law office space or courthouse square charm. It’s not an area that meets my criteria professionaly of aesthetically.

What do you want in a law office?
Enough about my needs. I am getting office space in Dallas to serve clients. My question is- What do you want in a law office?

If you have ever hired an attorney let me know what impression, if any, the law office made on you.


5 responses to “Dallas Law Office Search- What do clients want in a law office?”

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    Courthouse Square might have the possibility of historical decor, which is always an advantage.Also, I’d have to say I’m turned off by royally expensive furnishings. Personal injury attorneys are notorious for their opulence. I’ve hired attorneys, I’ve worked in law offices, and I want to see evidence that real work goes on.

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    Beware of fancy highrise offices that make your clients pay for parking or have difficult parking arrangements. If the parking is paid and you offer to validate, the cost can eat you alive, but if you don’t, it’s a hassle for your clientele, especially in a practice area that can involve a higher-than-average number of face-to-face meetings with clients.An office that’s nice but not too nice and is easy to get into and out of are important. Fancy offices in big buildings wind up being more expensive and more of a PITA than they are a draw to new clients.

  3. <img src="http://www.blogger.c says:

    I would like to see coffee options in a law office. no more of that plain black coffee in a styrofoam cup.

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    hot, slutty babes working there. no charge for parking. easy to find when you are freaked out (criminals will not be able to find the crescent unless they are white collar, which you can only get off referrals from big civil firms). free drinks. magazines that do not stink.

  5. Bob says:

    I second the comment about “hot babes.”

    Also, a highly visible location with easy parking and a homey feel are much better than a high-rise with difficult parking. Think about a nice location with signage rights along McKinney Avenue in Uptown (one of your peers has!).

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