Dallas Cheese and the Drug Czar

In Dallas we have a problem with “cheese“, a mixture of heroin and Tylenol PM that is being sold to teenagers and children. Young adults are becoming addicts and some have lost their lives to cheese. Never one to miss an opportunity that involves drugs and children, the Drug Czar John Walters is visiting Dallas today. No word on if Mr. Walters will mix in some illegal campaigning while in Big D.

I heard Mr. Walters briefly on the radio today. He advocated tougher enforcement, more agents, and more money for education.

Let me offer a different proposal. Heroin is addictive and dangerous. Since heroin is addictive and dangerous we should not allow criminals to supply it. If we had a legitimate supply of opiates for addicts we could remove organized crime from the supply chain.

Education is great if it is honest. Education may have backfired on the anti drug movement. When you tell young adults that marijuana is dangerous they listen. Then they see first hand that the government has lied to them. It is reasonable when young adults then believe the government lies about all drugs.

The DEA has 11,000 agents. The federal budget for enforcement and education is over $12,000,000,000. Why haven’t they caught these cheese dealers already? In trying to arrest all drug users and dealers we have created a situation where we can not arrest the dealers who prey on children.

No one supports children using heroin. The best way to prevent future cheese epidemics is to take the market back from criminals. If Prohibition did not prevent the cheese problem why should we believe that more Prohibition will solve it?

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    Interesting idea, although people often do not rely on reason when faced with a choice that involves what they perceive to be a matter of values. Parents, or, sadly I should say, responsible parents, do not like drugs and do not want their children using them. Therefore, why not simply ban them? You are right in pointing out the problems of such a black market and the inability of government to effectively curb it, despite 12 billion dollars a year wasted. And , as far as marijuana goes, you are right again. No thinking young person could believe that marijuana is a serious threat to their health because they know better firsthand. And those who argue that marijuana leads to harder drugs are relying on a statistical fallacy known as “sampling on the dependent variable.” They ask convicts in jail who have done hard drugs if they started by smoking pot. But of course they did! It is by far the most prevalent and easiest to get drug. In any event, we should decriminalize drugs and simply find a way to make it clear that doing drugs is dangerous and harmful and lead only to personal ruin. Best regards,KNABPoint/Counterpointhttp://pointvcounterpoint.blogspot.com

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    Interesting article. I am hearing about drug paddlers, drug traffic getting busted. But still people some how manage to get hands on drugs and they are not worried about Passing a drug test, since detox drinks and capsules which are available in market.

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    I’m really starting to detest this Mike guy

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