Corruption and Drug Dealers in Ennis Texas

Dary Spence is a canidate for City Marshall (Police Chief) in Ennis, Texas. I live in Ennis, it’s a great city and one of the few in America that elects a police chief.

Daryl’s blog lists his ideas for cleaning up the city They include being tougher on drug dealers and gangs, more cops in schools, and better training.

Daryl’s also has been accused of calling the current police force corrupt.

This has generate some heated blog comment debate of it’s own.

What no one mentions is the cause of corruption. Why would police be corrupt? Because drug dealers have lots of money. Why do drug dealers have lots of money? Because drugs are illegal. We can only solve the problem of police corruption by eliminating the cause, not by changing Police Chiefs.

It does not matter who the police chief is. The system is set up to foster corruption.

Example- Marijuana is illegal. Making any product illegal does not elminate demand. It just changes who the suppliers are. Marijuana users have to buy their goods from the black market (drug dealers) instead of from Phillip Morris or Pfizer. If corporate America could sell weed, every dime bag selling weed dealer would be put out of business. We could tax and regulate a legal product and focus law enforcement on other priorities.

We have given drug dealers a steady source of income by eliminating legitimate competition. Drug dealers want to make the most money without going to jail. A simple way to avoid incarceration is to pay the people who could arrest you, the police. It’s a cost of doing business.

I’m not saying the Ennis PD are corrupt. I’m new to the community and I have no experiences with the PD good or bad.

I do know that our War on Drugs fosters corruption. Daryl Spence has ideas that are fit for our current system. But to truly win the Drug War, we have to change the system.

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2 responses to “Corruption and Drug Dealers in Ennis Texas”

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    Robert here’s a tip, I wouldn’t go around associating yourself with Joey Dauben or his blog. Trust me on this one. If you want to gain any respect of local law enforcement (including attorneys), you’ll see Dauben for what he is: a libelous, pot-stirring little twit.

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    My blog is about ideas. Not people. I don’t know Joey and if I did I would not comment on him in this blog. This isn’t for gossip, it’s for ideas.The ECO is not a hallmark of journalism by any means. It is very inflammatory and could use some quality control. But it is a place to share ideas.I could post on ECO as “anonymous”, but I’m proud of what I have to share. As for the local law enforcement community- I’ve found the criminal justice communities in Ellis and Kaufman County (judges, prosecutors, police) a pleasure to work with.

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