Cop Lobby To Cops- “Lawyer up if you are Mirandized”

Readers of this blog know that I am on a personal mission to inform the public of their 5th Amendment rights. If the police ever ask you about illegal activity of any kind, ask for an attorney. If you are Mirandized ask for a lawyer and shut up.

CLEAT is the Texas cop lobby. They have a disastrous two pronged legislative agenda-increase the presence and power of law enforcement in Texas (more crimes, less freedom, higher penalties) while at the same time sweeping LEO malfeasance under the rug. Great guys, these Cleaters.

CLEAT also provides legal advise to their membership. What does CLEAT tell cops to do if they are under investigation for criminal wrongdoing?

All law enforcement officers know and understand Miranda Warnings. They know the importance of Miranda and when to give a suspect their Miranda Warnings. But what if you are the person that is being read Miranda, do you know what to do? The answer is simple, inform the investigator that you are a CLEAT member, you are represented by counsel then remain silent until your attorney arrives. Additionally never agree to voluntarily waive your Constitutional Rights until you have first consulted with an attorney. “But if I don’t agree to talk with the investigator or if I ask for a lawyer I will look guilty”. I don’t know why law enforcement officers believe this but they do. Remember, it doesn’t matter what the investigator thinks, it is better to remain silent then to say something that may come back to haunt you later.

Remember kids, when it comes to to talking to the police, do what the police would do and ask for a lawyer. Even cops know not to talk to cops.

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  1. me says:

    maybe i can throw some of that into my crim pro final this evening. if i do, i will let you know. then you can take me out to lunch to celebrate.

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