Colorado County District Attorney- Fill In The Blank Search Warrant

Ken Sparks, from the Colorado County DA’s office was kind enough to quickly respond to my open records request (Thanks, Ken!). Although I may disagree with my prosecutor colleagues on the issues, it is more often than not that we can work together. If only City Attorneys were as cooperative on open records requests.

To recap- I have been following a TDCAA message board discussion on forced DWI blood draws. Mr. Sparks posted about his counties program and fill in the blank warrant. I filed an open records request asking for this warrant, inter alia.

For your viewing pleasure here is a “fill in the blank” search warrant for your blood.


2 responses to “Colorado County District Attorney- Fill In The Blank Search Warrant”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I find this to be a terrific (in the original meaning) example of how far we as citizens have let legislature go. It is legal for them to FORCE someone’s bodily fluids out of them? Invasion of privacy is out the window…How about violation of Civil Rights? Is the blood extracted by trained medical staff? Are they certified? Is the equipment sterile? This absolutley disgusts me as an United States citizen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    By the way…what are the chances of contracting some kind of disease &/or ailment from these “Warranted” searches of the inside of your body?

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