Collin County DWI Forced Blood Draws- The Path Of Least Disclosure

Collin County has jumped on the Vampire Prosecutor bandwagon with “no refusal” DWI weekends. A recent DMN story featured a Collin County ADA talking about their new tough on DWI blood draw program.

I filed an open records request for communications, documents, memos etc regarding implementation of this program. After all, if the Collin County District Attorney is so proud of this program then why not share the details with the public?

As usual, the CCDA sought to keep the records secret via the Attorney General. Cheap “tough on crime” PR stunts are easy for bureaucrats. Actually revealing what they are doing to the public is always met with resistance.

Today I received the Attorney Generals ruling. Collin County’s illegal unconstitutional forced blood draw program will remain secret. Th CCDA is allowed to withhold most of the documents I requested. I am still unclear as to what, in anything, they are required to send.

How did Sunshine lose? The Texas Government Code states that “internal records” for “internal use” are exempted if “prepared by an attorney representing the state in anticipation…. [of] criminal litigation.”

Unbelievable. Prosecutors use judicial activism to create new law, violate your constitutional rights, violate clear provisions of Texas law, and then get to keep it secret from the public.

Bureaucracy always chooses the path of least disclosure.

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One response to “Collin County DWI Forced Blood Draws- The Path Of Least Disclosure”

  1. Ms. IANAL says:

    Look on the bright side: If one can’t refuse, one can’t then be penalized for refusing after being forced to comply, right? What’s that you say? That’s not what they mean by “NO Refusals”? Oh.

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