Cherry Pit Seach Warrant Affidavit/ Investigation Report

I filed an open records request for documents pertaining to the Cherry Pit raid. I received the affidavit used to search the premises and the investigation report.

Cherry Pit Search Warrant Affidavit and Return

Cherry Pit Investigation Report

I don’t have time to break these down yet. Let me know your thoughts.


2 responses to “Cherry Pit Seach Warrant Affidavit/ Investigation Report”

  1. Michael Terry says:

    The affidavit says there are two affiants, and it is signed by two people, but you can’t tell which affiant is swearing to which facts.

  2. Ed says:

    Without knowing the law, the single females as “guest” looks bad. Up until that point, it looked reasonable. But then that may not be a crucial element.

    OTOH, where was my invitation!

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