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In a recent murder case involving a man and his wife, the defendant’s appeal to a district court in Texas was unsuccessful. Originally, the defendant was convicted for murder after he drove up to his wife’s place of work and shot her. He appealed, arguing the crime was a crime of passion and thus that he should not have been so severely punished. The court rejected the defendant’s argument and affirmed his conviction.

Facts of the Case

According to the opinion, the defendant had gotten in a fight with his wife because she had been living in a separate apartment with the couple’s adult son. The defendant was unhappy that she needed space away from him, and he felt as though he was choosing their son over him. Subsequently, the defendant became depressed.

While experiencing this sense of depression, the defendant drove to the assisted living facility where his wife worked and waited for about an hour for her to arrive for her shift. He then “freaked out”, took a gun out of the back of his truck, and killed his wife. He drove home then immediately went to a local police station to turn himself in. According to the defendant’s report at the police station, the shooting was an accident and was not pre-meditated.

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