Barack Obama- Admitted Felon

Obama gave a fairly candid account of his past “experimentation” with illegal drugs.

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.,
spoke candidly Tuesday about experimenting with drugs while he was in high
school at surprise stop at Manchester Central High School in New Hampshire.
“I made some bad decisions … You know, got into drinking and experimenting
with drugs, there was a whole stretch of time where I didn’t apply myself,”
Obama confessed to the study hall class.

This story is buried on the ABC news site which is pretty amazing. Barack is admitting to the commission of multiple felonious acts. The lack of media attention shows how the public knows that drug crimes and or drug use does not make one unfit for public office. So why is possession still a felony?

It is time we told the truth about drug use. Many Americans use drugs at some point in their lives and….. nothing happens. They move on and lead productive ordinary lives. Why do we continue a policy that would have made Barack Obama a felon at an early age?

The only thing that separates Barack and George W. Bush from your typical drug felon is that they did not get caught. It is time we saw Prohibition for what it is, as “unlucky lottery” too often “won” by the poor and politically powerless.

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    Not only that, but that the Drug Czar’s blog Pushing Back often posts stories about celebrities who have beaten an addiction… and they do it in an admiring and congratulatory tone of voice.Shouldn’t they be looking into doing away the statute of limitations for drug offenses, so that they can go back and prosecute everybody?

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    There is an inherent contradiction in Pushingback propoganda and the reality of Prohibition.If some Prohibition is good, shouldn’t more Prohibition be better. Ergo, if arresting people who posses drugs is a good thing, shouldn’t we want to arrest Barack Obama?The Drug War propogandists have spent a lot of time extolling the virtues of rehab and drug court. Why are those necessary if the War on Drugs is justified?

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    The only differnece between Barack and a user in prison is that he never got caught. Luck does play a role in ones life.Dennis

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    CNN’s headline for this article is ” Was Obama’s answer about drug use too honest?”. TOO honest? Right, I know we expect politicians to lie, but it sounds like some folks think we should _prefer_ the politicians who lie over the ones who tell the truth. Gee, guys, I can handle honesty. If more politicians did it (honesty, that is), I’d be shocked, but I could learn to like it. We might even get more 18 to 20-something year olds to vote.

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