Another Dallas Pot Field

This is getting ridiculous. For the 3rd time in 3 weeks a giant marijuana field has been found in Dallas. I’m running out of things to say about how absurd the war on marijuana is.

The field was discovered by Dallas police yesterday. The field is so big that the DEA and National Guard may be called in to help remove the marijuana.

What an efficient use of tax dollars. We are paying federal drug agents and soldiers to dig up plants.

The drug war is lost, bring the troops home. Don’t just take my word for it. Here is the White House Drug Policy’s own report on the Dallas drug market. Even though drugs are illegal it seems that every illicit substance known is readily available in the Metroplex.

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3 responses to “Another Dallas Pot Field”

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    They could also make lots of money selling those plants – if they had the sense to regulate, tax, etc.

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    Now-a-days I am hearing about lot of drug paddlers, drug traffic getting busted. But still people some how manage to get hands on drugs and they are not worried about Passing a drug test, since detox drinks and capsules which are available in market.

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    When all this was going on a few weeks ago I had a friend who took up hiking through random wooded areas around Dallas hoping to get lucky.That, and Mike’s still annoying.

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