American Drug War- Cocaine and the CIA

American Drug War is a briliant documentary now playing on Showtime. ADW exposes the history and hyprocrisy of the drug war. It is a much see for any drug war supporter, or opponent.

I have always taken CIA/Cocaine conspiracy theories with a grain of salt. I believe that government power is almost certain to be corrupted, and the drug war is morally bankrupt. However, the idea that the CIA would actually work with drug cartels struck me as impropable if not incredulous. ADW investigates this dark alliance.

ADW implies that there was a pattern of CIA/drug cartel cooperation to fight communism, support friendly regimes in South America, and/or Iran-Contra. The CIA claimed they allowed one shipment of coke to be imported for the sole purpose of “intelligence gathering” on Columbian drug cartels.

Watch ADW and make up your own mind.

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3 responses to “American Drug War- Cocaine and the CIA”

  1. Edintally says:

    Agreed. Excellent movie. But will it change people’s attitude towards drugs?

  2. Robert Guest says:

    Changing attitudes will take time. After all public schools spent 12 years teaching kids Prohibition is great and drugs are evil.
    It takes time to undo indoctrination.

    Americans have access to more information about the drug war than every before. ADW, The Wire, Intervention, and the multitude of great anti WOD websites will help bring down Prohibition. Maybe not tommorrow, but in my lifetime.

  3. EdinTally says:

    I agree. I think we’ll see at least, the decriminalization of hemp within 20-30 years, on the federal level. Hope it’s shorter, but people do hang onto their indoctrination.

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