Warrior Dash

Glorious news!! All real crime in Kaufman County has been solved. Local law enforcement is so bored that they now have time to arrest people for meaningless victimless make believe crimes like “promoting an event without a permit.” That is the only conclusion I can rationally infer from the Warrior Dash controversy brewing in Kaufman County.

What is Warrior Dash?

Adults dress up like Vikings, race 4 miles through mud and obstacles, and at the end they get a free beer and a viking helmet. Of course anything involving adults having fun and drinking beer is going to draw the ire of joykilling freedom hating nanny staters. From DMN

The Warrior Dash has a battle on its hands today at the Kaufman County Courthouse.
Organizers of the sold-out race, scheduled to make its Texas debut this weekend, are fighting a temporary restraining order filed last week by the county.

After three hours of testimony this morning, the judge recessed the case until the afternoon.

County Sheriff David Byrnes testified that he is concerned about the safety of participants and spectators and those trying to drive to the event.Organizers argued in court that the law requiring the permit was not applicable to the race and that it would be safe.

“Even though it’s marketed as obstacles from hell, it’s a very tame event,” testified Ryan Kunkel, vice president of race organizer Red Frog Events.

The Kaufman County sheriff’s office has also issued an arrest warrant for one of the event’s organizers, who is based in Chicago. The warrant accuses him of illegally promoting an event without a permit, a Class B misdemeanor.

WTF! A warrant for the promoters? Seriously?. It’s not like festivals and events are beating down the door to come to Kaufman County. Maybe if the local pols embraced the free market system a little more and didn’t ARREST ENTREPRENEURS WHO ARE TRYING TO BRING THOUSANDS OF VISITORS TO KAUFMAN COUNTY; it might help the local economy.

As for the “safety” concerns, call me cynical. Every time government wants to restrict your freedom they have a great “safety” reason.

Is it dangerous to run an obstacle course dressed like Eric the Red? Arguably. But since when is the role of law enforcement to arrest people for the most mildly dangerous activity? It’s just another step towards the Wussification of America (I know it’s a World Net Daily link, but google sent me there, I apologize in advance).

I don’t know what the Warrior Dash people did to piss off the local badges, but seriously guys, let them have their event. Kaufman needs every tax dollar it can get and this events will be good for the county.

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