Two Months, One Bust

This story from the Terrell Tribune highlights the problem with cannabis prohibition and opportunity costs.

From the TT

Authorities arrested Kristi Rene Resendez, 29, of Kaufman, for delivery of marijuana.
Published: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 4:08 PM CDT
KAUFMAN – After a two-month long undercover operation by Kaufman County Narcotics investigators, along with the cooperation of Kaufman Police Department, another drug dealer has been arrested for selling drugs in the city limits of Kaufman.

Kristi Rene Resendez, age 29, of Kaufman, was arrested on July 23. Resendez was taken to the Kaufman County Law Enforcement Center and charged with two counts of delivery of marihuana more than 1/4 oz. and less than 5 lbs.

Bond was set at $5,000 for each count

Two months, to take down one meaningless alread replaced dimebag dealer? What’s next, a 2 week investigation into a possible seatbelt violation in Mabank?

Think, for a moment, if the cops who spent two months on this bust had spent those same two months solving a real crime, that is, one with a victim? Is that a better use of our limited law enforcement resources? Or do you feel safer knowing that it’s was, for a few moments, marginally harder to buy weed in Terrell, Texas?

Opportunity costs are real. Taxpayers and LEO will never get those two months back. By keeping cannabis a class B misdemeanor and banning recreational/medicianal use Texans are choosing these two months pot stings over other law enforcement priorities.

Finally, can we quit calling pot “drugs”. It’s intellectually laziness to lump all contraband substances in one category. I know journalism trends towards sensationalist headlines . “Low level Cannabis Retailer Arrested”, wouldn’t get as much reader attention. But if we are going to make progress and change our State’s inane drug laws, we could start by actualling differentiating between the drugs that can kill you, and the non toxic plant that can’t.

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