TSA- Touch my junk Goons!

The joys of flying in America. Long lines, bad (or no) food, the aroma of unwashed passengers, screaming babies, and now… the chance to be molested and/or viewed naked by TSA goons.

The backlash is growing. Write your reps and let them know how you feel. TSA is molesting children, if you aren’t going to stand up for liberty now, then when?

From drudge-

Some travelers are also livid about how children are being screened. During a trip last Sunday by a father and son through Orlando airport in Florida, the 8-year-old boy was selected for extra screening by TSA after going through the metal detector.

The father said the officer described the procedure before conducting it. Then he patted down the boy in the open security area, using the backside of his hands to check his genital area, he said.

Oh, the backside of the hand, how considerate of TSA Pedobear.

I’m flying to Denver for Thanksgiving. This presents the very real possibility that I will be forced to make the choice between
a) letting the federal government take a picture of me naked or
b) let a federal employee rub my body, and touch my tra la la.. my ding ding dong.

It’s as if Benjamin Franklin’s liberty vs safety quote has come to life. WTF America? Just because someone wears a badge, that doesn’t mean they can molest you, or your kids.

And why isn’t this an assault? If a cop pulled me over and told me I couldn’t drive my car without him taking a nude polaroid of me, or rubbing my crotch, I’m pretty sure that would be illegal. But for some reason American’s are ready to bend over and take any level of harrassment when it comes to flying…. or the terrorists win!

Not me. I’m opting for b. I’m not volunteering for the “dick measuring device” (TSA’s term not mine) , but I’m also not ready to miss a flight to prove a point. My libertarianism has its bounds, so b it is. Touch my junk Goons!

I will consider pressing charges when I land. If and when an airport mall cop molests me, I’ll politely ask for his name, and consider filing a class c assault complaint for offensive touching. Why not? Unless I end up on some no fly list, it would be good to remind these civil servants that some laws actually apply to them, and “public safety” has it’s limits when it comes to molesting the public. Consent is a defense to assault, but how can one consent when the choice is fly or don’t fly? That’s not consent, that’s coercion.

Finally, I’m praying to all things holy that the Kaufman Courthouse security team doesn’t find some Homeland Security funds for a nudie scanner!

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