Texas Open Records Law For Bloggers

I’m off to Austin to speak at Netroots Nation. I’m in the Open Records Laws For Bloggers roundtable with some other great speakers.

Here is the official Robert Guest guide to Texas Open Records Law For Bloggers

If you don’t want to read two pages of brilliant public information information, here is the three sentence version.
1. Open Records Laws Are Confusing.
2. There is no risk in not knowing the law and asking for records.
3. Start asking for records, learn the law later.

I encourage every one to file Open Records requests. You can email, fax, or mail in a request to any government entity in Texas. If you get denied, you lose nothing! If the government tells you the request costs $1,204.23, you can cancel the request. There is no downside to asking, and it makes great blog material.

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